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"You know when you are just back from an adventure experience; your body is hungry for sleep, but your mind, heart and soul are fulfilled beyond belief? The unique places you been, the redefined limits you pushed your body to reach, and the like-minded yet so different friends you just made over the past few days, all keep your eyes wide opened swiping through the photos with a smile on your face? Your bag remains unpacked because you are yearning for more, and longing for other joyful and adventurous moments like these!!"

At Ridge Adventure Community we want to be with you in this state of mind and soul every time we are together on one of our adventure-loaded local or international experiences.

We believe in using Adventure Travel as a catalyst for #DevelopingCommunities it touches and #SustainingNature it's nurtured by as our two foundation stones. And to these two causes we have dedicated most of our efforts and our revenue.

Hence our experiences are designed with these four main pillars:

* #GuidedByLocal: Organized and designed by Ridge and guided by individuals from the local communities, since they have the best knowledge of the areas we visit, benefit the most from the extra income provided by their visitors and are prone to payback to their communities

* #OffTheBeatenTrail: we along with our local guides prefer to take you on non-commercial and hidden paths, the type you won't find in guide books or travel's blogs, ones where you touch the land and feel the essence of the history

* #Ranked: All maintain a ranking system for each adventure, according to the activities performed, your experience and fitness level. So the fitter you become, the further you can push

* #Affordable: Offered for an affordable budget that goes into sustaining Ridge and its local people - as your adventure community, developing the local areas we impact and funding our environmental initiatives. Because we think that travel should be made accessible to everyone to experience.

You will find us outdoors hiking, trekking, canyoning, camping, climbing, abseiling, JUMPing SO HIGH of joy sometimes and of fear others.. We go down too; diving, snorkeling... You know, the kind of activities we know you too enjoy

Ridge Adventure maintains an official registered entity with a physical office in Muscat - Oman

Long story short, Yalla join us and - Go Wild

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Zanzibar - Surfing The Tides ( Public Holiday )

Needs a location


Duration: 5 Days
Dates: 6 Aug – 10 Aug
Level: 0/4 Chilling
Activities: Snorkeling - Surfing - Stand Up Paddling
Group size: 4 min - 8 max (Limited spots! Final confirmation by booking tickets)

'Unguja' is the original name of this paradise island, 'Karibu' is how its kind hearted people welcome you, serenity is found on the endless stretch of Zanzibar's white sand beaches.

This summer we take you to spend our time there indulging ourselves into their rich mixed African-Arabic culture, surf their tides, and hop their secluded islands, in the best place to disconnect from your daily buzz.

Level (0/4) Chilling
The low level of physical activities allow individuals at all fitness levels to join this Ridge experience.

Yalla join us and - Go Wild 🤪

-Stone Town History Tour. Prison Island Tour (Snorkeling). Forodhani night food market.
-Trip to South East of Zanzibar (Surfing trip)
-Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Jozani forest
-Sandbank Picnic (Snorkeling)

Day 1)
Journey starts with a local private boat trip to prison island, the Island is home for Peacock, tiny antelopes and tortoises. Snorkel around the island and search for colorful tropical fishes and attractive corals.

Local lunch in Stone town, after lunch we will go to one of the most important part the Old slave market site (Anglican Church) then through the narrow streets, City Market, Palace Museum, House of wonder, the old fort, Tippu Tip, Freddie’s Mercury’s House, Peace memorial and Natural History Museum.

Evening walk - Darajani Market and Forodhani night food market. (Over night in stone town)

Day 2)
We will take a boat to South East of Zanzibar for a half day surfing trip. instructor will be there to teach you. After surfing, we will move to the accommodation in a new location, we will be chilling for the rest of the day experiencing the relaxing culture of the east. (Over night in south east of Zanzibar)

Day 3)
After breakfast we will go for SUP. it's a super fun activity and easy to learn for new people and good practice for experienced. The trip is instructor led for instructions. Lunch will be served afterwards.

Trip to Zanzibar National Park (Jozani Forest) dense ground water forest. Home for Red Colobus, Monkey rare species only found in Zanzibar, Blue Sykes Monkeys, Elephant shrews and Bush babies. After that we will visit the Mangroves to observe the wildlife there. (Over night in south east of Zanzibar)

Day 4)
Sailing on a traditional Swahili dhow, by which we shall visit beautiful secluded island beaches in the Zanzibar Archipelago. We will snorkel with a rainbow spectrum of tropical marine life.

Starting off at Kwale coral; offering an abundance of corals and colorful fish.
Afterwards we would enjoy a snack and fruits at a paradise stretch of a white sanbank.
Our last stop before heading back to stone town will be at Quail island for a seafood bbq.
You can take a city stroll or relax for the rest of the day. (Over night in stone town)

Day 5)

Trip Price: 953 USD

Included in the price:
All transportation from hotel - activities - hotel.
Airport Transfers
Accommodation for 4 nights with breakfast
4 Days Lunch
All Tickets and Permits
All mentioned activities including necessary equipment ( Snorkeling - Surfing - SUP )

What’s excluded?
International airfare (Please note that you need to confirm your attendance so that you receive Ridge’s Flight details)
Zanzibar entry visa fee 50 USD
Personal expenses of choice; such as laundry, telephone calls, snacks and/or beverages
Any other expenses which are not mentioned on the section above that you might deem necessary.

Most nationalities get the visa on arrival 50 USD. However, it’s each traveler’s responsibility to contact the consulate to sort out their visa.

Alas, can’t wait to see you – Go Wild –

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


See you in Zanzibar !!! 😊

Kazakhstan - Hiking and Horse-riding (Public Holiday)

Needs a location


The Tian Shan mountains echoed back our calls for another indulge into the unique breathtaking adventures around Almaty. We are back for a 3rd time to our most popular destination in Central Asia, this time the flower blossoms on the trees will follow us when we make our ways between the lakes and into the traditional Kazakh villages.

Duration: 6 Days
Dates: 6 - 11 July
Level: 2/4 Moderate (Ridge Hiker)
Group size: 4 min – 8 max (Limited spots! Final confirmation by booking tickets)

Day 1)
Arrival to Almaty. Transfer to the hotel. Evening stroll in the city, dinner at a local restaurant, overnight.

Day 2)
Full day hiking to the Kok-Zhailau area. We will hike for about 3-4 hours one way. We will carry our own snacks and enjoy the picturesque area, we can also try to find the small waterfall hidden in the mountains. We descend back to the city and head to a local restaurant for a quick bite before heading off to the village.
We reach the village and accommodate in a guest house, where we will be able to have a sauna and a bonfire, overnight.

Day 3)
Drive to the Kayindi lake on a car, where we will change to horses and explore the lake on horses. We will explore the lake from different sides, including the shore, the panorama and the riverside.
After exploring the lake, we will have a small picnic, we will take our lunchboxes with us from the house.
After the picnic, we head back to the village on horses. We will ride for 12km back and enjoy the fantastic view and feeling of riding a horse through a picturesque gorge, overnight.

Day 4)
A short 30 minute drive to the Kolsay lake, where we will hike to the second Kolsay lake, which is a beautiful 8km trail, that takes you through the forests, near a river, to the beautiful mountain lake Kolsay 2. We will have a picnic at the lake and have a chance to swim a little.
We will return to the village in the evening for dinner and enjoy a nice evening over some beer or tea at the bonfire, overnight.

Day 5)
We will head back to Almaty, however, on the way we will make several stops to explore the famous Charyn canyon - the baby brother of the Grand Canyon. We will explore the canyon from top and bottom. We will also reach the riverbank where you can swim and enjoy a nice cold mountain water after a hot summer walk through the canyon.
After we have explored the canyon, we will head back to Almaty, stopping on the way for late lunch. We expect to arrive to Almaty around 6-7 PM. Evening stroll in the city, dinner at a local restaurant, Overnight.

Day 6: Departure

Trip Price: 1,089 USD
Early Bird: 953 USD

Included in the price:
Local Guide services
Food out of Almaty (3 times a day)
National Park fees
Entrance fees
Activities (Horse Riding)

What’s excluded?
International airfare (Please note that you need to confirm your attendance so that you receive Ridge’s Flight details)
Personal expenses of choice; such as laundry, telephone calls, snacks and/or beverages.
Any other expenses which are not mentioned on the section above that you might deem necessary.

Admission to the country of destination is a sole responsibility of participant

Alas, can’t wait to see you – Go Wild –

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us [masked]

See you in Kazakhstan!!! 😊

Pakistan | A tale of ll Mountains | Aug 12th | Level 2/4



Duration: 8 Days
Dates: 12th - 20th Aug 2022
Level: Ridge 2/4
Group Size: 5 min - 8 max (Limited spots! Final confirmation by depositing the fees)

**COVID UPDATE**: Some passengers' flights from Pakistan to Dubai and few other countries have been suspended until further notice, if you are RSVP now we are just taking your interest until mid-July when we decide whether this experience will go ahead as planned.

Where else would you find such hospitality and generosity so underrated and misunderstood? A backdrop of a picturesque range of 6000m+ mountains in every direction you look, with a culture so diverse, preserved, and unspoken about in mainstream media. No wonder it was listed among the top travel destinations for 2019 and 2020.

This unique experience this summer has it all, the breathtaking road trip, the Himalayan treks, and the heartfelt culture.

Ridge (2/4):

Trail: Routed and sometimes marked trails for long distances and duration (6-10 hours per day) involving bouldering and hiking on rough terrains with loose rocks

Fitness: Good fitness and regular exercise are required

Skills: A good handle of outdoors skills such as kayaking, horseback riding, and basic climbing

Itinerary - Primary Description (Pre-confirmation)

Day 1 (The Capitol's secrets)

We take the early morning PIA flight, we get welcomed to spend some time exploring nature and history around this country's political capital. At night we start our long road trip North.

Day 2 (The North Remembers)

Concluding our northerly road trip at the spot from which we experience one of the most fun Jeep rides in the world. Start our hike towards our paradise home. Following the footsteps of Messner the great and many others.

Day 3 & 4 (Nanga Manga)

Enjoy these 2 days around the area surrounding one of the world's highest mountains and its glaciers, where we spend our evenings in local mountain camps, with an option of horseback riding

Day 5 (So Sassi)

Hike back to make our way to our next stop along our journey, with a deep cultural experience along the way

Day 6 & 7 (Khal-Drogo)

Spending these two days enjoying the water streams and scenery around in a village local experience, interacting with the locals, and living their lives

Day 8 (Gilgilgilgil-git)

Making our road trip back to Gilgit from which we will take our flight back to Islamabad and straight to the airport to leave back to our countries.

Fees: 1180 USD - confirming your spot only by depositing the fees.

Included in the fees:
- Ridge itinerary architecture and experience management
- Permits to National Parks and northern regions
- English speaking local guide
- Meals full board and tea twice a day
- Shared Accommodation in mountain lodges or 2-3 star hotel rooms
- Camping equipment for 2 nights
- Sleeping mats and sleeping bags
- All Transportation (inclusive of airport pick up)
- Internal flight from Gilgit to Islamabad
- Digital Photography

- International Flights Air-tickets and travel-related insurance
- Pre-travel and pre-return PCR tests
- Anything not mentioned in the included section above
- Visa fees (we will help with the letter of invitation)

Current Status Notes:
*Pakistan is currently opened for visitors who are holding valid visas. Negative PCR Test Results taken 72hrs in advance need to be carried along with passengers before leaving from the port of departure.
**The above has been announced according to the current status of travel, any changes in the current COVID-19 global status may lead to an alteration or a cancellation of the entire trip. In case of changes 7 days before departure due to COVID-19 only, your fees will be fully refunded.

Alas, can't wait to have you Go Wild on this experience.

Please share your WhatsApp number to be added to a separate group

If you have any questions, you may direct them to us at [masked] or directly to the experience architect at [masked]

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