What we're about

We are looking for people who are interested in researching, building, and flying remote controlled, autonomous aircraft for fun, commercial use and the benefit of our community.

This group is for those who have a special interest in muti-rotor and fixed wing aircraft.

We believe that drones can serve a legitimate purpose for public safety, hobbyists and commercial interests while still respecting the privacy rights of our fellow citizens.

We are seeking like-minded enthusiasts to share ideas and create a fun learning environment for those interested in learning more about this exciting new technology.

We have adopted the statement of principles from our colleagues in the Drone User Group Network.

Statement of Principles

The Drone User Group Network is an association of community organizations that seek to promote the responsible use of flying robots for the benefit of humanity. We strive for a future in which robots empower individuals to make the world richer, safer, and full of possibility. We also believe that innovation and progress shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of governments and giant corporations, and we strive to make drone technology as widely accessible as possible. We welcome amateur and professional users alike. Most importantly, we think that flying robots are a lot of fun!

We seek to accomplish our mission through community service projects, educational events, build parties, art projects, fly-ins, and advocacy. During this period where it is illegal in many countries to sell drone services, we see a unique opportunity to give away our assistance to worthy causes and organizations in order to show the potential of this technology and to have a positive impact in the world.

As an organization we adhere to and encourage our members to respect the following guidelines:

Safe and competent use of drones: Drones, like any tool such as a car or hammer, have some risks associated with their use. We seek to operate our equipment in a manner that does not threaten anyone’s safety, person, or privacy. Educating our membership about safe and respectful practices is a core part of our mission.

Legal use of drones: Although we may not agree with many of the current regulations, we also believe in following the law of the land.

Humane use of drones: We like our flying robots to help people, not hurt them, and we are always seeking new ways to use our drones that will have a positive impact in our society.

Our interests include the following:

Robotics • GIS• Mapping • Technology User Groups • Radio Control Flying • RC Helicopters: Remote Controlled Helis • Personal Robots • Geographic Information Systems: GIS • Emerging Robotic Technologies • Aerial photography • Aerial videography • Drones • Multi-Rotor Aircraft • Aerial Cinematography • Unmanned Vehicles

For Speakers: If you are in town or just ready to share your experience and think it would be valuable for members: we do encourage you to send us speaking request to j (meetups@rhtu.edu.lv)anis.putrams@gmail.com

For Startups: We love tech startups. In every technology meetup we got “Featured Startup” and “Startup pitch” sections for particular industry startups. If you not just only consuming technology, but creating some venture – don’t be shy and pitch in front of industry and investors to get feedback and find teammates or co-founders. Send your pitching request to j (meetups@rhtu.edu.lv)anis.putrams@gmail.com

For Investors: If you are investing in technologies, networking with industry enthusiasts, receive industry latest updates and got into fresh deal-flow is the must for you. Just register or appear on venue and expand your network. Contact us in case of special requests: j (meetups@rhtu.edu.lv)anis.putrams@gmail.com

For Industry: If you would like to expose your products in front of industry professionals – to set up booth or prepare product demo showcase – let us know: j (meetups@rhtu.edu.lv)anis.putrams@gmail.com

For Sponsors

: If you would like to support one meetup or whole meetup network – please drop us a message to

j (meetups@rhtu.edu.lv)anis.putrams@gmail.com

and we will get back to you.

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