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Hey Artists & Creatives! Does the thought of writing a business plan make you cringe? But you know you need a roadmap for your success? Your creativity can lead the way!

WHETHER YOU’RE A BUDDING BUSINESS OWNER OR A SEASONED ENTREPRENEUR…You know how important it is to have clear goals and an action plan to achieve them. But traditional, left-brain tactics leave you overwhelmed, uninspired, and just plain stuck.

What if business planning could be fun colorful, AND effective? As a licensed Right-Brain Business Plan® facilitator, I’ll share with you an empowering, intuitive, and accessible entrepreneur approach based on my mentor Jennifer Lee’s best-selling book that has helped tens of thousands of creatives like you launch and grow their business.

Join me for my Right-Brain Business Plan® online group starting SEPTEMBER 24. You’ll roll-up your sleeves and craft a visual plan that lets your head know where your business is going AND inspires your heart to sing with joy. Finally get that business plan done AND set the stage for your best year yet as a creative entrepreneur! Won’t you join us? This course is perfect for

This fun and interactive workshop is perfect for you when…
* You don’t have a business plan and know you need one, but doing dirty dishes, dealing with loads of laundry, or even getting a head start on nextyear's taxes all sound way more appealing (ugh!)
*You've tried to do a business plan the "traditional way" and you got stuck, overwhelmed, and demotivated You already have a business plan, but you need to breathe new life into it
*You can't stand spreadsheets Numbers numb you out AND you’d be a heck of a lot happier planning your business in the same intuitive, authentic, and expressive way that you live your creative life (yes, indeed, it can be that fun and fulfilling!)

You get the following (and much, much more!) from this intensive program:
Detailed, do-able assignments…
-that deal with all the parts of a business plan, from start to finish like a full-fledged entrepreneurIntuitive exercises and inspiring materials…
-that tap into your natural creative genius, transforming drudgery into joy
-Guidance and insight… to help you finally complete your plan

"Going through the whole process and leaving with concrete steps and a plan to achieve them were the most valuable part of the workshop. I’d recommend it to my friends as a good way to further develop ideas and make you identify and own your plan/vision/ideas/dreams/goals. [Karen is] an inspiration, in the right place and time for me. Thanks so much for your inspiration and wisdom!"
--Laura Stanton, Occupational Therapist & Yoga Teacher

You get full permission to show up as your full, authentic self in your business!

“If you don’t have a plan for your business, you need one. If you want to have fun learning how to develop a plan, take this course. This course takes the ‘scare factor’ out of creating a business plan.!”
--Tracey Asai, Tracey Asai Designs, www.traceyasaidesigns.com

By the end of this program, you will have experienced how to:

*Clarify your business values and vision
*Paint a picture of your business landscape
*Determine what products and services you'll offer
*Understand your competition, and what makes you stand out from the crowd
*Identify who your perfect customers are and how you'll reach them
*Set and manage money goals that honor your values and align with your life
*Select your circle of support to help you get the work done
*Map out concrete action steps to bring your Right-Brain Business Plan® to life

Course Outline:
Module 1: Intro and Crafting Your Business Vision and Values
Module 2: Painting the Picture of Your Business Landscape
Module 3: Getting the Word Out with Marketing: Find and connect with your perfect customers
Module 4: Managing the Moola – Color by Numbers: Develop a financial plan with fun and flair
Module 5: Corralling Your Creative Cohorts: You don’t have to go it alone
Module 6: Action Planning: Make your plan real with goals, strategies, and action steps
Module 7: Weaving It All Together: Put the finishing touches on your Right-Brain Business Plan (including tailoring your plan to suit the suits, if you need a more traditional format for a loan or investment)
Module 8: Celebration and Completion: Set the stage for continued success and sparkles

SIGN UP NOW! Isn't it time to take control of your business to make this your best year yet?
$297 EARLY BIRD Rate - September 7-14
$327 Regular Rate - From September 15Start date- September 24
LIMITED TIME BONUS: The first five registrants to pay in full by September 6 will receive a complimentary 30 minute 1:1 individual strategy session with me!


This proven right brain entrepreneur process has helped creatives just like you clarify their goals and make their dreams real.

“This course helped me re-energize and align my vision, purpose and actions. In fact, engaging in this class got me so inspired again about my business that I found myself in action implementing my plan while simultaneously creating it! Results are already materializing. Thank you so much!”
--Amy Egenberger, Spirit Out!, Inc, www.spiritout.com

What you get:
*Eight weeks of creative and practical assignments including inspiring, informational, and instructional videos plus juicy reading material.
*Exercises and templates that cover the financials, marketing plan, competitive analysis, goal setting, action plans, and building a team (all in a right-brain, creative way, of course!) and fun illustrated play sheets.
*Access to a private Facebook group to connect with and learn from me your licensed Right-Brain Business Plan course facilitator and fellow participants. You’ll have Monday, Wednesday, Friday accountability prompts in the group to keep you moving forward. *Orientation Call to help bring you up to speed and get you started on a great path.September 20 - 12noon Eastern Time
*Four 60-min. live group Coaching Calls led by me, your course facilitator, to receive more personalized coaching, brainstorm live with your creative cohorts, get unstuck, and celebrate your progress (12noon-1pm ET Thursdays, October 4th, October 18th, November 1st and November 15th. To convert from New York Eastern Time to your time zone, click here. All calls will be recorded so you will still have them even if you are unable to attend them live. Long distances charges may apply.)
*Four Catalyst Chats with me, your course facilitator, to give you accountability and support to take action and complete the exercises (12noon Eastern Time Thursdays, September 27th, October 11th, October 25th and November 8th. To convert from New York Eastern Time to your time zone, click here.)
*Follow-up material two weeks after the course to help you maintain the magic and momentum *LIMITED TIME BONUS GIFT:The first five registrants to pay in full will receive a complimentary 30 minute individual strategy session with me. Valued at $150, this gets you an immediate return on your investment. You will need a copy of the book The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative Visual Map for Success to follow along with the program.


What other creatives are saying about working with me

"Karen Friedland is an inspiring and energizing creativity coach. She combines talent, energy, great personal warmth and marketing savvy. She has the ideal set of skills and experience for coaching creative people in their enterprises."
-- Brenda Becker, blogger/writer, http://ayearinthepark.typepad.com

"Concise, well-planned and timely. Nice agenda! Clear view of the business plan for creating your goals and dreams. Teacher knows her stuff! Great!Karen kept the group rolling & was open to 1-1 coaching when she saw frustration brewing. When I was struggling, she didn’t push me. Karen took a giant step back, observed and I felt like she was opening her arms to me. It was very tender, wonderful and impactful. A tender moment when I needed it. Bravo!"
--Lisa Zuecher, Writer

"Karen's workshop was a needed break to focus and re-focus my business priorities, while forcing me to get to the nitty gritty of how to get to my goals. It allowed me to tease out visions in a format more in line with how I choose to sketch out ideas--I mean this literally. For me, the medium was posterboard and marker(!) To hell with the spreadsheet. Karen's workshop covers a great deal of business to-dos in a short amount of time and lets you leave armed with notes, ideas, and momentum to carry them forward. My only complaint is that it wasn't a day or two longer..'
--Ronna Welsh, purplekalekitchenworks.com

“I would say that this isn’t a walk in the park. It isn’t an afternoon craft class. What it is, is the best kick in the pants you know you need. It’s a class in stretching your mind, your vision, your dedication and your time management and how that relates to your business. You will be stretched further than you ever thought you could be. You will come to conclusions about your business that you never expected but were pleasantly surprised by. Above all, you will be excited about your business. You will be motivated to make it happen. Instead of feeling like someone with little to offer in the way of money or business sense you’ll feel like someone who has enough business sense to make your dream happen or at the very least know how to acquire the knowledge to make it happen. Instead of feeling like someone who has no business trying to make it in a corporate world you feel like someone who has a great idea that will appeal to people you can hardly wait to meet. It will change your perspective for so many things in the best way possible.“
--Micheline Courtemanche, Betty and Bing Letterpress, www.bettyandbing.com

Please e-mail your questions about the workshop at karen@karenfriedland.com and we’ll get back to you soon!


Right-Brain Business Plan® is a registered trademark of Jenn & Brian Creative, Inc. (DBA: Artizen Coaching®). Used with permission.

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