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We are the dancers. But not the pretty, showy, look at me I am so cool dancers. We are the free flowing dancers. The authentic true free expression of our life through our bodies dancers. We represent the subtle inner and outer journey of self-expression and self-discovery through music and movement.

We meet in 2 hours sessions of dance-meditation workshops. where we are guided to take on a music and movement meditation journey that will allow you to reconnect with our heart centre and take our attention away from mind and direct it into the body. This allows us to free the self from mind worrying thinking and put focus on thoughts of joy and playfulness. We connect with others in warm and safe environment. We inviting, accepting and allowing ourselves and other to fully express without the judgement.

You can Join us for Life celebration meetings. To Dance like nobody is watching, together. You will dance your feet off. You are going to have fun 💃🏽😍

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Rise in Dance - dance meditation workshop

Chisenhale Dance Studios

Rise in Dance - dance meditation workshop

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Rise in Dance - dance meditation workshop

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