In order for your startup to be considered for mentorship you MUST SUBMIT A GOOGLE FORM:

We are excited to welcome you back for our monthly FinTech Friday mentoring series! This monthly program welcomes all FinTech start-ups to receive feedback from our mentors. Our guest mentors include individuals from around the tech community and have expertise in marketing, legal, business development and other fields to accelerate your startup's growth.

Pitch your startup to each mentor and ask your pressing questions. This is YOUR time to help your FinTech company grow.

This month's mentors will include:

- Ilana Fass - VP FinTech Platform Lead, Barclays

- Jeff Yellin - Innovation Officer, Barclays

-Chris Maddern - Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Button

-Zach Levin - Founder & COO @ Pitchtape; Partner @ Scannavino Law

-Nick Scannavino - Founder & CEO @ Pitchtape; Founding Partner @ Scannavino Law

-Mark Coleman - Co-Founder/Managing Partner @ Tambora Ventures

-Kelly Fryer- Director @Techstars, Barclays Accelerator NYC

Registration closes Tuesday, January 21st.

We look forward to seeing you there!