Designing Cyber: Crafting Cyber Security Experience

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Cyber security used to be seen as the opposite of user experience. Is this still the case in 2018?

With an industry built by an ex-IDF workforce focusing mostly on technology, can Israeli Cyber Security companies reach international UX standards?

What are the main challenges in designing Cyber Security interfaces and which solutions are available?

In the upcoming Designing Cyber event, highly experienced speakers will try to answer these questions. Join us and bring lots of questions of your own!

18:00 - 18:30 : Eating, drinking, starting awkward conversations
18:30 - 19:00 : Ran Liron, Head of UX at CyberArk - Secure the experience, experience security: Debunking Cyber myths
19:00 - 19:30 : Barak Danin, CEO at Uniq UI - Sprinting a Cyber Product to Success
20:00 - 20:30 : Yoel Eilat, Prev. in senior Product positions at SECful, Cybereason & CyberArk - Hacking Cyber UX


Ran Liron
CyberArk is an international market leader in securing enterprises against cyber attacks. As CyberArk's Head of UX, Ran is in charge of leading A large experience design groups - UX researchers, UX experts, and UI designers - in the process of redesign CyberArk's products.
Ran is a UX leader with more than 20 years of hands-on experience balancing considerations of users’ needs, technical limitations and business objectives. he has planned and executed a wide variety of projects for all types of clients and markets, including large international corporationand start-ups; B2B and B2C; finance, cyber-security, government, military, e-commerce and more.
Ran will answer the following questions at the event:
Secure the experience, experience security: Debunking Cyber myths
Cyberspace is a scary landscape, and it is becoming scarier each day.
While people stay (mostly) the same, the technology keeps evolving.
In this talk we’ll discuss this challenge -
How can we utilize effective UX design to provide a safer online environment?
What can we do to make people feel secure?
Which techniques limits online security, and which common practices are ineffective and should be discarded?

Barak Danin
Barak is probably one of the most well-known people in the UX scene in Israel. After 10 years as UI developer and team leader, he decided to devote his career to UX design. Later, in 2009, he founded Uniq UI, a product strategy and UX design studio. In the same year he joined forces with some of the most prominent UXers in israel. Together they founded User Experience Israel (UXI), a home for Israeli UX enthusiasts.
In the last few years Cyber Security product design has become Uniq UI’s top specialty - the vertical the company has designed the most products for. Barak will share some insights he gained from working with such a range of Cyber Security companies.
Barak will share how one sprint changed the minds of stakeholders and took a Cyber product from being an ugly duckling into a backed-by-all swan.

Yoel Eilat
With a background of 13 years in cybersecurity and 8 years in Product Management, Yoel Eilat has worked on products from various layers of the cybersecurity onion (WebAppSec, Privileged Account Security, Endpoint Protection, AppSec).

Yoel will present his vision of hacking cyber UX. Human behavior is inherently insecure, and when it comes to the digital world, the effects can be detrimental in the face of cyber attacks.
User Experience was, is, and inherently will always be a challenge for products that fight insecure behavior.
Hackers aren't just ninja developers or cyber attackers with black hoodies.
A hacker is anyone who is on an endless quest to achieve their wants and goals. Let's hack cyber UX together!