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The Rising Phoenix Meetup group offers seekers a working knowledge of the magical Qabalah, providing keys to unlock this ancient mystery tradition. Meetings include Ritual Magic, Tarot, pathworking and visualisations to help interested people understand and experience the Qabalistic Tree of Life and to develop their inner potential.

David Goddard teaches internationally and is also the author of ‘Sacred Magic of the Angels’, ‘Tree of Sapphires’ and The ‘Tower of Alchemy’. In 2004 he co-founded the Rising Phoenix Foundation. It specializes in supplying effective magical training that people can do in their own homes. Some course are mentored others are not. Here is one that might interest you:

The Tree of Sapphires

This is a free online course in which you'll discover:

• How Qabalah can help you live a more fulfilling life – David reveals what makes Qabalah the ideal spiritual technology you can use to bring about lasting change to your life.

• The practical Qabalah – how this secret aspect of Qabalah puts the metaphysics into direct magical application.

• How to use the Tree of Life – the Tree of Life is an essential part of the Qabalah. It is not just a way to organize your spiritual knowledge, but an invaluable guide to meditation and ritual.

• How meditation can help you attune to Tree of Life – let David guide you through this introductory visualisation that will help you begin to feel and experience the Tree of Life. This deceptively simple meditation is an extremely powerful aid to help clear energetic blockages.

• The Basic Breathing Method - connecting your body with your mind, you will use essential breathing techniques - originally developed by Sages and Hermits (later to become part of the Yogas of both the East and West, and Spiritual Alchemy).

Plus, see how the Sacred Angels can become part of your mystical journey. For more information, visit: https://www.rpxf.org/tree-of-sapphires-introduction-course/

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