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What we’re about

DIVERSITY, ACCESSIBILITY, INCLUSION <br>Rising Routes strives to create spaces where people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, races, genders and abilities can come together and learn about each other and bridge the divides within the outdoor industry and society as a whole.

COMMUNITY <br>With Rising Routes, community means all people. It means building and bridging groups of people who can serve as leaders, educators, mentors, friends, supporters and allies. Community means family – it is where fellowship and developing lasting friendships are second nature.

EDUCATION <br>Knowledge is growth, power and progress. Learning to ask questions, follow curiosity, and have open-minded conversations are only a few of the subjects we will discuss frequently. We are infatuated with Mother Nature and are dedicated to protecting her. Learning how to be good stewards of the earth involves responsible participation and leave-no-trace policies that Rising Routes incorporates into every outing. Beyond regional and cultural learning, we also strive to educate about and normalize health issues through open and judgement-free forums. Through our communities, we are a resource for outdoor basics and how-to’s for camping, hiking, safety and more.

REJUVENATION, CONNECTION and ADVENTURE <br>Nature’s powers are undeniable: it is the platform through which healing, discovery and growth happens almost without notice. Natures allows us to sink into the moments and let them be felt. We can feel small and empowered, we find ourselves and we genuinely see others. We are reminded that the moments of our lives are fleeting, but that, together, we can positively impact the future.

Join us for: <br>Hiking/ Trekking: From day hikes to backpacking, our trips are designed to build community while we learn about each other and push past our own boundaries. <br>Education: Classes ranging from one evening to two days will teach the basics of backpacking, Leave No Trace, navigation, wilderness safety, nature photography and more.

Happy Hour: Can't make it out on trail with us? We'd still love to meet you! Join us for beverages and talks related to outdoor education, DEI + Accessibility, leave no trace and outdoor ethics + more!