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The ever-shifting ground upon which our culture is rooted is changing rapidly as we redefine gender identity, roles, and societal expectations. These changes demand that we as men—and by “men” we refer to anyone who identifies as such—reckon with and explore afresh how we define what it means to “be a man” as well as how we live out our masculinity in the flesh and bones of our everyday lives and relationships.

Many of us struggle with expressing ourselves authentically and experiencing our feelings. Cultural imperatives to be stoic and strong but also emotionally available can feel at odds. We can become disconnected from our hearts and desensitized to our world experience. As a result of this emotional incarceration, our important relationships with lovers, family, and friends can feel stagnant and unfulfilling.

Our solution is a brotherhood of men about whom we care and who care about us. To share the events and thoughts and feelings in our lives with others intensifies our meaning and delight in life while consoling us in our pains.

We open the Rising Sons circle to anyone who identifies as a man. We are a community of men with diverse backgrounds and identities, including race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. In this brotherhood we explore the patterns with which we embody our masculinity and ways these both support and limit us in our lives and relationships. Through practices of awareness, movement, dialogue, discussion, breathwork and active imagination, this circle aims to build a community of support where we can more fully embody the range of our masculinity and make deeper contact with ourselves, each other, and our relational world.

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