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So, we have all had those moments in life when we wanted someone to call, and then they did, and the first thing they say is: "I was just thinking about you and felt compelled to pick up the phone and give you a call." Right?

Or, someone in your family isn’t feeling good but maybe doesn’t want to bother you, so they send you a telepathic signal to come over. And you’re just hanging out, but keep feeling like you need to go check on them and then you do.

Those are 2 examples of both sending and receiving telepathic signals.

My mom and I used to do that all the time. She would be at home wanting ice cream and I would call her and say “Let’s go get ice cream.”

Twins and significant others in partnership send each other thoughts all the time. It’s part of our evolutionary story. When hunters would go out from the tribe and the tribes people were separated, they used telepathy to stay in touch about the day. They weren’t afraid of their intuition and their psychic, and could use it for what it was meant for! Scientific experiments have documented that complete strangers can also do this.

***Join our wonderful group online Wednesday to amp up your own telepathy! Just think of what YOU could do with this fun superpower!


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Intuitive Angel Card Readings - Divine Messages Zoom/Phone/In-person

Rising Phoenix Holistic Center

❤️Dear One❤️,

We are all going through some challenging experiences in our lives. Sometimes we feel lonely and simply need reassurance that we are on the right path. Guardian angels😇 are always by our side waiting for us to talk to them and connect.❤️🙏❤️

Are you looking for clarity, guidance, reassurance, and a sense of direction? Are you searching for some answers to your current situation?

Take advantage of this opportunity that is available every Thursday from 1 - 5 pm. Schedule an angelic reading here or come to the Rising Phoenix store.😇 Sessions are available on any other day via Zoom, or phone.

Special prices for Rising Phoenix customers:

15 min - $30
30 min - $50 (value of $60)
1 hour - $100 (value of $120)

(ask prices for 10 and 20 minutes readings)

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available!

May you have a beautiful journey ahead. Blessings.
Love and Light ❤️😇❤️
Natalya is a certified angel messenger, teacher and student of life, lightworker, and artist. She provides an intuitive reading using oracle cards and channels messages directly from your angels and spirit guides for you. She is the Founder of Angelic Earth Guidance.

Check her Facebook page: @angelicearthguidance for reviews, daily messages, and inspiration.

Contact to schedule the angelic messages and guidance session for the day that works for you: [masked] or call[masked]. The sessions can be done by phone/Zoom.

Metaphysical Mugs and Muffins in Manassas!

Rising Phoenix Holistic Center

“Metaphysical Mugs and Muffins” is meeting in a new location at Rising Phoenix in Manassas on Saturdays! Are you feeling a little isolated or just want to meet some new people? In spite of these unusual times, you’re invited to meet us in person, if you feel comfortable being with others. Meet others who like to talk about lots of metaphysical subjects. If you’re just curious, we are a great resource to learn about anything you might be interested in. We have a positive attitude, and we like to brighten and raise the energy of the earth to help people feel more comfortable in these changing times. Stop by and join us for this fun, light-hearted and popular event, hosted by Rising Phoenix and co-hosted by Jacqui and Mary Jo. Share what you’re passionate about. Ask questions. Discover something new. Make a new friend. Laugh. A lot. No specific topic. Bring any books, oracle cards, crystals, etc. you would like to share. Or just bring your beautiful self. Bring your coffee, a latte, a muffin or a snack. We love meeting new people and hope to see you soon! Location: Rising Phoenix Day: Starting Saturday, September 12, 2020 Time: 10:00-11:30 a.m. Cost: FREE If you don’t feel comfortable meeting in person, we also have Tuesday evening meetings on Zoom or in person from 6:30-8:30. They are also free. For these meetings, we do have an interesting topic each week that we share and talk about. Topics can be shared by everyone who would like to talk about something they are interested in.

Tarot Readings by Kristin

Rising Phoenix Holistic Center

Kristin has been reading professionally for 12 years. She combines both the Tarot and Oracle in the readings to give you a more detailed reading. The Tarot is in essence a soul map, a deep psychological guide to self empowerment. Tarot can be a therapeutic process for gaining valuable insights and divine guidance. Both Tarot and Oracle can give insights into past lives, relationships, career and finances and give you confidence in your own decisions. Kristin connects to your Angels, master guides, loved ones who have passed even pets to give you the insight and messages you need. Kristin can do 15 minute($25), 30 minute($50) and 1 hour($100) readings. Please call/message to book an appointment and walk ins are accommodated if possible. [masked]

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