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The Ritterkunst Fechtschule (German for 'Knightly Arts School of Fencing') is a group of individuals interested in pursuing the Martial Arts traditions of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. The club focuses on the fighting techniques of the German fencing tradition established by Johannes Liechtenauer in the 14th century. The club is a chapter of the greater organization, Selohaar Fechtschule, which is headed by Christian Tobler, internationally renowned instructor and author. We approach training in a holistic manner, encompassing several aspects of German Medieval Martial Arts, creating a steady transition between several different weapons and unarmed techniques. Although instruction is primarily rooted in unarmored longsword fighting techniques (Blossfechten), other weapons, including dagger, spear, poleaxe, and Messer are integrated into the curriculum. To complement the armed techniques, unarmed portions of the art are also taught, which include defenses against an armed adversary, as well as wrestling and grappling.

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