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We are a Riding Club dedicated to promoting confidence and rider skills of female motorcyclists in a safe environment through group rides, social gatherings, with new friends of all different riding levels. We will also learn simple mechanics of our bikes. We offer one on one riding for beginning riders.

All styles of bikes and brands are welcome.

Membership Fee: Many have asked, why do you charge a membership fee. We really don't want to, however Meet Up charges us $200.00 per year to host this site. Our thought was to keep the price down as much as possible. We figured that if everyone paid $1.50 per month that would cover it. We rounded the $18 per year up to $20 to cover incidentals. So that is what the membership fee is for. No one is making any money on membership fees except for Meet Up. A great value, especially, to hang out with your like-minded road sisters and to have our site hosted by professional I.T. staff.

The difficulty levels of our rides are described on our Skill Levels of Riding (https://www.meetup.com/river-city-biker-babes/pages/skill_levels_of_riding) listed on our Pages. All of our riders must sign a Release of Liability Form (RLF) (https://www.meetup.com/River-City-Biker-Babes/pages/RELEASE_OF_LIABILITY_DOCUMENT/) prior to each ride.

Additionally, please take a moment to read our Ride Protocols (https://www.meetup.com/River-City-Biker-Babes/pages/Ride_Protocols/). Please understand our first and foremost priority is "safety", both yours and ours. We all have loved ones to protect.

Can't wait to meet you in person, and to ride with each and every one of you Wonderful Biker Babes!!!!


Diana (Razor) - Organizer

Heidi (Screech) - Organizer


We will be posting three different kinds of rides and we will number them accordingly: Level 1, 2, or 3

Level 1 (Beginner) - These rides are for people who need more practice. They are for riders who feel that they are more comfortable with shorter rides with not such challenging roads. This can also include parking lot practice and one on one.

Level 2 (Intermediate) - These rides are a bit more challenging but not too difficult, they include some twistier roads and may be a little longer in distance. Once you feel you have enough practice on the beginning rides challenge yourself to do one of these rides. We are all riding and learning together.

Level 3 (Advanced) - These rides will be more difficult rides with more challenging roads, or it may be a longer distance that could make them a level 3 ride. If you think there is a level 3 ride you are ready for talk to us and we can advise you if that ride is going to be right for you.

We will not tell anyone they 'can' or 'cannot' ride on any of these rides. We only give suggestions.

If you feel you want to go on any ride regardless of experience or skill you are welcome to. All riders ride at your own risk, we as individuals or a group take no liability for anyone.

We are just a few Biker Babes going on rides, and anyone is welcome to join at any time.

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