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Welcome and Thank You for finding our group. Our goal: Inspire, Uplift and Educate

Holistic Registry is a network of practitioners specializing in holistic health, energy medicine, and metaphysical modalities. Think of Holistic Registry as a Knowledge Emporium, here to help and guide you in your soul’s journey. Whether that be direct distinct guidance or cultivating seeds of what’s to be, Holistic Registry practitioners can help.

My name is Tina, founder of Holistic Registry. I seek to consciously create mind expanding experiences and a network of valuable resources necessary to achieve what is within waiting to be expressed.

It is no coincidence you landed on our page. When we seek, the universe leads us to where we need to be.

For more information regarding our practitioners and our events please visit our website @ http://www.holisticregistry.com

If you are a Holistic Health or Metaphysical practitioner and would like to be a part of our network, please contact Tina at 909-215-5591

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Who’s Who in the World of Woo-And Why it Matters

H.O.P.E. Therapeutic Arts Wellness Studio

Who’s Who in the world of Woo-And Why it Matters

Join us In person or online: Zoom link provided upon donation. (Donation Based Event)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a story is priceless. Tonight, we’ll share two stories from two amazing practitioners on “how” and “what” lead them into this metaphysical world of woo.

Walk-ins, alien influences, spirit guides, communication from the dead. Experiences that change, shape, and direct you. Tonight, you’ll hear it all!

We share these stories to provide you with the unique, lifelong experience of these practitioners. Experience, that lead them to where they are today. Why should you care? Because when you’re in need of lifechanging direction, too many people leave it in the hands of a weekend psychic.

When reaching out for help of any kind, you want to know that you made the right decision on how you’re spending your time and money. This is why Holistic Registry shares these quality practitioners with you.

Join us this evening as we showcase these amazing practitioners.

Feel the Magic! Spirit and Healing Festival and Bazaar- Menifee Valley

Center For Spiritual Living Menifee Valley

Feel the Magic
Spirit Healing Festival and Bazaar

“The world will always need “magic”. Without it, Life is nothing but cheap tricks.” – Solange Nicole

--Take a breather from everyday life, soar with the magic, and feed your soul!
--Have fun and let heart dance in the light.
--Come for a reading
--Feast on tasty food
--Receive an AHH-some healing
--Relax and laugh with friends and like-minded people,
--Shop for unique and exotic goods blessed by the fairies and angels

Mind-blowing Readers, Healers, Lectures, and Workshops

Readings - Healings - Energy Work - Transformation - Aura & Chakras - Tarot - Mediums - Crystal Ball - Psychometry - Palmistry.....and a whole lot more!

Free Admission

Organized by:
MetaStudies Institute - Anita Burns - [masked] and
Holistic Registry - Tina Foran - [masked]

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Healing with Qigong!

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