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Welcome and Thank You for finding our group. Our goal: Inspire, Uplift and Educate

Holistic Registry is a network of practitioners specializing in holistic health, energy medicine, and metaphysical modalities. Think of Holistic Registry as a Knowledge Emporium, here to help and guide you in your soul’s journey. Whether that be direct distinct guidance or cultivating seeds of what’s to be, Holistic Registry practitioners can help.

My name is Tina, founder of Holistic Registry. I seek to consciously create mind expanding experiences and a network of valuable resources necessary to achieve what is within waiting to be expressed.

It is no coincidence you landed on our page. When we seek, the universe leads us to where we need to be.

For more information regarding our practitioners and our events please visit our website @ http://www.holisticregistry.com

If you are a Holistic Health or Metaphysical practitioner and would like to be a part of our network, please contact Tina at 909-215-5591

Upcoming events (3)

Spirit and Healing Festival-Celebrate Life....Dare to Dream

Needs a location

Psychics, Intuitives, Mediums/Channels, Tarot and Card readers, Crystal Ball, Palmistry, Guides, Angels, Handwriting Analysis, Psychometry, Workshops and MORE!

  • CONCHA (bilingual)—Medium, psychic, artist
  • KAREN—Psychometry, Psychic, Medium
  • DAVID—Deep Kabbalistic Tarot and Intuitive
  • ANITA—Tarot, Medium, Psychic, Palmistry, Crystal Ball
  • TERESA - Tarot that will leave you speechless
  • DENDRA - Tarot and Oracle Cards
  • Kris- Pet Readings
  • Healing sessions with Shantel


  • ELIVIA with her jaw-dropping array of the most amazing and beautiful stones, crystal bowls and more! 20% of between 2 and 4pm.
  • NORA brings her incredible essential oils. She really knows her stuff. Everything from A-Z for therapeutic and aromatic oils by Doterra. Free samples with purchases all day. Between 2-4pm at, or below wholesale prices on a selection of 10 oils.
  • IAN Crystals and stones from all over. Beautiful, powerful, filled with energy and love. $20% off on all crystals from 2-4pm.
  • Veronica and her amazing selection of jewelry. Buy 2 rings and receive a pendant of your choice for free (pendant up to $15)
    Buy 3 gemstone bracelets and receive one gemstone bracelet for free. 2pm-4pm

Don’t miss out because your reader/practitioner is busy, busy, busy by the time you arrive at the fair. Afternoon appointments can be prebooked!!!
Reserve your favorite readers or practitioners from 2-3:30. No prepayment needed. Just check in a few minutes ahead of your reserved time and you’re all set. Pay when you arrive. Usual fees are $20 for 15 minutes.
Prebook your afternoon reading now! Call Tina @[masked]
THERE WILL BE MORE! Check back. We will be adding goodies as they come our way.
FREE Admission

Organized for the Hemet CSL by Anita Burns of Metastudies Institute and Tina Foran of The Holistic Registry
For questions, Tina Foran: [masked] or Anita Burns: [masked]

Pet Readings- Bring your Pet

Needs a location


Happening at:
Spirit and Healing Festival- October 22nd in Hemet.

Want to find out what your pet is thinking and feeling?
Why are my pets not getting along?
Why is my dog aggressive?
Is my pet happy?
Is my pet ready to transition? She can also, connect with your pet that has transitioned.
Is my pet in pain?

Kris can help answer your questions and do a medical scan intuitively.

Bring your pet or a picture and Kris will share with you what she “sees”

Kris also offers Scalar Wave energy healing for animals. A standing wave of energy that breaks up chaotic energy (disease) in the body. Healing on a cellular level. This healing also involves clearing and balancing the chakras, healing emotions and disease. Kidney disease, arthritis, no appetite, lameness, immune system and more. Relaxes the immune system.

30 minute session $40
Interested in pre-booking your session? Call Tina directly @[masked]

Journey to Your Chakras with Shantel

Needs a location


Journey to your Chakras- Workshop
This workshop is a part of the Celebrate Life…Dare to Dream Spirit Fair
October 22, 2022, 11:30-12:30
(Fair hours are 10am-4pm)
Hemet Center for Spiritual Living
40450 Stetson, Hemet, CA 92544
Chakras are energy points that connect your physical and etheric bodies. They are the guardians and generators of your whole body/mind/spirit link. Daily stresses, illness, worry, fatigue, and just the grind of life can wear down your chakra’s ability to do their job of keeping you healthy, clear, happy, full of ‘life’ and vitality.
Gather with Shantel as she guides you through a journey to activate tour body, release energy, reduce stress, and elevate your self-awareness to the highest and clearest possible for you.

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