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This is a Cooperative Group for The Creative Artist in The Visual Fine Arts, in the Riverview, Brandon, Apollo Beach and surrounding areas! Looking for focus, encouragement, inspiration and friendship, while setting sights on Local Art Shows and creating opportunities in The Arts.

If you are looking for a friendly place that motivates you as an artists, in a co-op setting... then welcome!

Over the years, finding an art group that hadn't left me unfulfilled or uncomfortable because of the clicks, was pretty hard to come by! So with that, I created this group to help inspire the rest of us! With so much to focus on, both in the arts and the business of art! Creating a group where we could all learn from one another, using of strengths for the good of the group, and collectively putting our resources together... so that we may reach and obtain new goals within our own artistic careers. Being an artist is an important part of the community, and my hopes are that as a group, we are able to obtain financial aid and grants to reach new expectations within the art community! And as a part of this group, we all benefit from our member's commitment, to not only themselves, but to the group! Please join us and welcome, an art group created by artists, for artists!

* There will be annual dues of $25.00 for memberships, to help offset the operations of group & Website. Members benefit from all collaborative co-op efforts and Grant Funding! Without paying your member's fees and becoming an official group member... you are not able to benefit from our collective resources! Including group shows, art show equipment, funded art classes, etc.

*Without becoming an official member and remain active within the group, you risk the chance of loosing your membership! Without paid dues, nothing is solidified and there is no commitment.

* Any Group Exhibits “costs and fees,” will be split among attendees of the show. Pay to Play, but it'd cheaper of course!

*Fair and Balanced: Members Receive what they Give. We encourage everyone to be as active as possible for the good of the group! I encourage your friendships and so nice you'll be joining us in our little adventure together!!!

*Please RSVP all Meetups, planned trips and artistic events. Visit our page often, check out our multi-media pages... and like and follow our other members on their pages!

*We are all about friendship and brain storming... seeking inspirational guidance and focus in our creative group! Living the dream as an artist and reaching our potential!!! In other words, getting that firecracker going that is needed to succeed.

Thank you and all my best to you!

Dineen Roeller


Group Organizer

Riverview Artist Group

(727) 465-6543



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Show & Tell, Every Painting Has a Story And Every Artist has a Secret!

Show & Tell, Share Your Artwork! "Who, What, Where & How!" Bring in your artwork and share your technique with the group! *What medium do you use and why do you love it? *What is your form of inspiration? *How do you start a new piece of art? *Is your style of art, patterned after your prefered decor? *Are the chosen colors in your work, found in your home or closet? *Do you have a prefered subject matter? *Do you feel it's missing something? *Describe how you've evolved as an artist and in your technique! *Would you like the group to suggest anything that might be helpful? *Are you looking to achieve an effect but not sure how to get it? These are questions we often ask ourselves as creative artists, would be great to see how others might achieve these very same questions! Being in an art group, gives us the ability to do and learn so much more... Regardless of why you are here, either because you are trying to achieve a more productive and lucrative art career, or, is purely for pleasure and you simply like being creative and exploring new things! No matter what, we do it because we love it... it fills us with joy and on a creative mission in life! So please come and join us as we share our artwork and talk about what goes through our artsy minds, just doin our thing! ________________________________________________________________________ Also, needing to get our "To Do List" in order: To collectively evaluate our agenda as we set forth with our "To Do Lists" and "goals", ways to make our group better and more efficient! *What would you like our group to work on? *What creative workshops or meetup direction would you like to see? *Would you be interested in sharing a technique in a hands on group? *Who can help our group find art related subjects online? *Who would like to host future meetups & workshops? *who has unwanted or unneeded art supplies to donate for workshops? *Anyone have unwanted gadgets, gears, broken watches, ect. to donate for our very own, collective artist, Beth? LOL *Who knows a business / restaurant / office owner who might display and hang some of our artwork in their facility or space? *Bring some ideas to our group Meetups! *Bring To our attention any art related interests you have!

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