Burritos and Board Games


BOARDGAMES: Pre-plan games to play or feel it out that day. If there is a game or game type, you'd like to play please title that thread as a comment, so messages are consolidated. I have 3 game tables plus people can just come to enjoy being outside on the deck too.

FOOD: I will prepare a burrito buffet line; wheat-white-flavored tortillas, beef & chicken, shredded cheese, tomatoes, onions, salsa (likely homemade TBD), homemade queso, tortilla chips, and pop. Post in the comment thread for food/allergen preferences and other things to bring. Please note I have multiple roommates so while this event is conscientious it will not be allergen free from cross contamination, etc. A monetary contribution will be appreciated as I'd rather have this prepared and ready to avoid a kitchen cluster. Guests wishing to bring items and help prepare need to rsvp for the event prep listing.