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This Meetup Group is for people who want to live a new life. Obviously you want a change in your life. You want something new and better in your life. The quality of life you've been asking for, no matter it's health, relationships, abundance, purpose, happiness etc. can be achieved through a journey of self-love. The reason is this, this physical world we're living in also exists in the form of vibrations. To understand how vibrations work, you can think about tuning folks which tells you if two objects exist in the same space they need to match each other's frequency. And you can think about radio dials, which tells you if you're tuned to a certain frequency, you dictate the whatever signal that frequency brings. To put it in plain words, if you want money, i.e. you want people to value you, you need to value yourself; if you want people to love you, you need to love yourself in the first place. To cultivate that love is not as straight forward as we normally think. Pampering ourselves with good stuff may bring us joy for a day but may not solve problems from the root. So my mission is to paint you a road map which you can follow to reach a place where you can finally love yourself. If you have behaviours as follows, this group is for you.

- can't say no;

- being too nice;

- always listen to others but no one listens to you;

- have a problem asking for help;

- always saying sorry;

- be afraid to express yourself fully;

- put other people's needs in front of yours;

- believe you're not enough;

- feel lonely and not supported;

- have addictive behaviour, such as alcohol or over eating;

- in abusive relationship;

- don't know how to speak up for yourself or be afraid of conflicts;

- suppress your feelings or your needs;

- not valuing/respecting/trusting/loving yourself.

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Love Coaching | Manifest Your Soulmate

Multi-purpose Room in Raintree Condo

Training | What is true self-love

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