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Dear Cosmic friends, Truth Seekers and fellow Humans.

I am Tasneem and I am a GP (medical doctor).Angelic Reiki Master and Crystal Healer and a Solar Teacher of the Knowledge Book. I call myself a Light worker and cosmic soldier on the path of Golden Light .🌻🌟🌞

I studied the Knowledge Book which is a world peace and unification programme. It is a call from Space to our planet Earth for unification of humanity . Vast amounts of knowledge which came from a Divine source of infinite dimensions (Omega ) has been collected in the format of this book ,to tell us all the truths about the Universe and creation ,for the goal of helping us to accelerate our evolution, to purify ourselves and reach our fullest genetic potential and our very genuine personality-which is infinite love, infinite tolerance and infinite humility. Parallel to the study of the book we also help other humans to awaken by reflecting this energy to the closed plan of our surroundings.

Please let me know if you are interested or if you know someone who would be interested. If you would like to find out more information about this study I would be very happy to meet and talk about it in greater detail if needed and will point you to the nearest Focal Point in London.

I also train people in Levels 1-2 (ANGELIC REIKI PRACTITIONER) and Levels 3-4 (ANGELIC REIKI MASTER) in Angelic Reiki under the auspices of the ANGELIC REIKI ASSOCIATION as channelled to Kevin Core by Archangel Metatron . Please see relevant events for a more detailed explanation.

Thank you very much for your attention. I hope I did not bother you too much!

May all the happiness be with you! 🌈🙏🏻😇

Love ,Light and Cosmic blessings


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ANGELIC REIKI (Level 1 & 2) -Part 1

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EVENT CANCELLED ⛔️ :”Climate and our Evolution “

Epping Forest Hotel-(Formerly Best Western Plus Hotel)

“Challenging our Beliefs “-Omega Talks Series

Epping Forest Hotel-(Formerly Best Western Plus Hotel)

We are Time Travellers 🚀🌌🚀

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