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Welcome to The Inventors Road Show™ ( founded by award winning inventor Andrea Rose and creator of Inventing to Win™:Your Road to Inventing ( The mission of the group is to help those with and idea and an invention learn how to navigate the difficult and daunting task of turning their idea into a commercial success. The Inventors Road Show™ is conducted by Andrea Rose and her top experts. Their goal is educate, empower and inspire those brave innovators who strive to realize their dreams. The Inventors Road Show™ is here to help and assist in making your dreams a reality.

For those who want to turn their idea into a reality another great source to educate, inspire and empower is Andrea Rose's new Inventing to Win™. Inventing to Win™ is a comprehensive step-by-step tool for inventors; a must have for those wanting to learn how to take control of their idea and bring it to market. Inventing to Win™ is a simple and easy tool that includes 6 educational guides outlining each step of the road to inventing, a separate resource guide, worksheets, templates, documents and 100+ Quick Power Terms.

In addition Andrea welcomes all to join the Inventing to Win™ affiliate program. For more information email inquiry@inventing to win. We have chosen SendOwl as our online platform for our affiliate program. Once you sign up at SendOwl you can instantly be an affiliate and start earning. Just go to this link to register!!

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