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The Adventure of a Lifetime

The purpose of Eckankar is to make God an everyday reality in your life.

As Soul, you have the God-knowledge within you. The teachings of ECK will awaken the knowledge and love for the divine things that are already in your heart.

The road to God is the adventure of a lifetime.

With spiritual blessings,
Sri Harold Klemp (http://www.eckankar.org/Harold/index.html)

Have you experienced vivid dreams, inner light or sound, out-of-body adventures? Find out what they mean and how to take your next spiritual step.

This group is hosted and sponsored by local members of Eckankar and is open to everyone who wants to learn how these teachings can help them become more conscious of their true identity - Soul, a divine spark of God.

Learn valuable tools to enhance your current path and spiritual exercises to explore your inner worlds. We are an inclusive spiritual community with open minds and open hearts.

All are welcome! Serving folks in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas.

Eckankar main site: http://eckankar.org To visit the "Eckankar in Virginia" website: www.eck-virginia.org.

The statements made in this class are solely those of the class members and the Organizer and are not those of ECKANKAR or the spiritual leader of ECKANKAR, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp.

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Experience the Sound of Soul

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Throughout the ages, followers of many spiritual traditions have used prayer, the singing of holy words, and meditation to bring themselves closer to God. In the same way, those who have discovered HU, an ancient name for God, sing it for their spiritual upliftment. Singing HU can help to smooth out some of the daily ruffles in our lives and expand our awareness and enjoyment of life. It can help open our hearts to experience a greater amount of God’s love. Regardless of your beliefs or religion, you can sing HU to uplift your consciousness.
You are invited to join us in this simple spiritual exercise. We will spend twenty minutes singing/chanting the word HU, followed by five minutes of quiet contemplation. Afterward, there will be some time for discussion and sharing.
You can open yourself and gain a greater awareness of who and what you are as Soul. You can do this by singing HU. Sing it to yourself, or sing it out loud. But do it every day.
HU is your key to your secret worlds. Once you learn to use this key, you will find a blending of your inner and outer worlds. You’ll find yourself filling with love.
--- Harold Klemp, The Sound of Soul, p. 53

Please follow the laws of your home country.

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Spiritual Video Night-"What's It All About"

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