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****NO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS TALK ALLOWED****Everyone has their opinions but let’s keep those to ourselves...this group is for fun and fellowship

WHEN FILLING OUT YOUR PROFILE, A CURRENT FACE PHOTO and NAME are REQUIRED FOR MEMBERSHIP APPROVAL (first name is plenty if you don't want to share your last). You will be declined if this requirement isn’t met. You can always request to join again once your name and pic is on your profile. If you’ve requested to join and have been declined , it will be bc of your profile photo. Make the change needed to your photo as required for the group and reapply.

This is not the only group that requires a face photo...this is a copy and paste from another popular group.

“Post a photo of yourself on your profile. If you do not post a recognizable photo of your face you will not be approved.
Recognizable photos are those that are from the shoulders up with a close up, no sunglasses, and must have 90% of your face CLEARLY visible in the pic. If it wouldn't work on a passport or an identification badge we will ask you to change it. The reason is to simply for safety and to make you easier to find at events and for you to more easily find us at events”

This is a private group. All the information in this group, members lists, location of events and who attends, is only visible to members

This group is for ***LADIES ONLY*** who desire to enjoy life. It is for ladies who want to connect, empower, teach, support, create, share, learn, encourage, get out, explore and grow in positive and natural ways.

When you RSVP yes for an event and something changes to where you can't attend, PLEASE change your RSVP to "No" as quickly as possible...it's the polite thing to do. IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY, HOSTS HAVE THEIR CELL NUMBERS LISTED SO YOU CAN CONTACT THEM. I expect consideration and respectfulness from women our age toward those putting forth the effort to post events. Their time is as valuable as yours.

If you would like to see a certain event on the calendar, please contact me with the information and I will be happy to post it for you.

If you are INACTIVE FOR MORE THAN YEAR, you will be removed from the group but are welcome to rejoin. We'd love to have you back :-)

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Hike Chestnut Ridge**Read below before RSVP**

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Pizzeria back in town!

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Daleville Town Center Summer music at the Pavilion

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