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He came like the wind, like the wind touched everything, like the wind was gone.
I have just now finished reading the end of the final book in this magnificent series, for the third time. I am so very moved, by it. Again! And, yet again! It is all so very rich, so very full of details, so very filled with the lives of people (yes, just character in a book), like people I know, like friends. Should any of you be interested, I would very much like to get together, and share thoughts and feelings about this gift that has been give to us by Robert Jordan (and thankfully completed by his wife and Brandon Sanderson). Please offer any suggestions for where and when to meet, and I'll work out a plan to share with the others. Formerly, John Curtis Stetenfeld Now, John Curtis Stetenfeld Taveren Always (It's a long story that I'll be more than happy to share...)

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    Having just finished reading Robert Jordan's WHEEL OF TIME, 15-book series, for the second time, I feel the need to share some discussion with others who are as enthralled as I am. What I am hoping to create is a monthly gathering to talk about the books, overall, yet focusing on each of the books, in order, one a month. Location, date and time of gatherings can be open to try to accommodate as many as possible. I'm in Sun City, but willing to travel some, to get to know others who appreciate this epic work. Please share you interest, experience and desires relative to these books, and I'll work up a plan. Thanks, John Just another ta’veren

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