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I would like to invite other cyclists to join us for some great Cycling Adventures. We really enjoy the outdoors and the adventure of riding on the open road and exploring new areas and enjoying the changing scenery while getting some good cardio and meeting all the nice people that ride.

This is a Road Bike Club and we mainly ride on the open road and paved Bike Paths. However any non-motorized bike is welcome, that includes Hybrids, Mountain Bikes, Beach Cruisers, Old Bikes, New Bikes, Trikes, etc. More important than the bike is the human motor. If you have the power to maintain a computer average of 12.5 to 14+ mph, and can do anywhere from 15 to 18 mph on the flats, bring it and let's ride!

We are a casual group.  I'm a mountain bike shorts and t-shirt kinda guy. I don't wear any fancy uniforms and I don't have any fancy rules. So come as you are and let your 'common sense' prevail. We have a positive "can-do" attitude, and always looking for new adventures in various areas. This is a 'fun group' that just likes to get out on the road and ride. It is 'free' to join. So just go ahead and sign up today and start your new adventures now. This is a very public site so I suggest you just use your First Name and Last Initial, and we do need your last initial, or nickname because we have already too many of the same or similar first names. Do that and let's ride and have some fun. Remember...Life is short. Extend it a little by cycling more. It works.   Thanks. Robert

This group is designed for intermediate riders who can maintain a computer average speed of 12.5 to 14 MPH and with speeds on the flats anywhere from 15 to 18 mph and ride 30 to 40 miles mostly on the open road and sometimes with hills. Hills 'are' your friends you know.  On occasion, we ride out of town, for example, Oceanside, San Diego, Santa Monica. Palos Verdes, Tour de Palm Springs in Feb., Santa Barbara, and other great spots, and so then we might go 50 to 60 miles or more. There are usually shortcuts if you want to do less. We are explorers and like the adventure of riding into new territory. I will try to find new rides every week. So come on out and explore and have some great fun riding with us. It will do your heart good. Literally!  So let's Rock the Road!   Woohooo!!!


We have a Quest for Hills: They are cardio friendly.

One of our quests is to climb every major hill in Orange County as listed in the OCTA Orange County Bikeways Guide. There are 28 hills listed with inclines from 5% for Jeronimo Road and up to 10.7% for Ridge Park Road. Join me in conquering every one of those 'little hills', and more.  One, two, or more hills at a time.  Are you ready?    Come on over!   Let's ride!

"Robert's Cycling Adventures"


Waiver and Release to Hold Harmless: Please read.

Bicycling, as with other sports, is a potentially hazardous activity, and that serious injuries or death can occur from accidents, negligence, or carelessness. You should understand that you should not participate nor allow any minor for whom you are responsible, nor allow any friend, relative, or anyone else, to participate if you or they are not in good health and in proper physical condition. You are voluntarily participating in these cycling events and agree to assume all risks associated with participating in these events, including, but not limited to, illness, injury, falls, contact with other participants, effects of the weather, traffic, and conditions of the road, all such risks being known and appreciated by you.

In consideration of your membership into this Club,  Robert's Cycling Adventures, or even riding as a guest or participating in any form, "you release" and "hold harmless" Robert's Cycling Adventures and all Organizers, Assistant Organizers, Ride hosts, Ride Leaders, other participants, or anyone else associated in any way with Robert's Cycling Adventures, from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of participation of these cycling events, even liability arising out of negligence or carelessness on the part of of the event organizers and other people or organizations supporting these events.

Furthermore, by attending, or even visiting any of our events or functions, including coffee break stops, lunches, restroom stops, or any other locations that we may be in, you and any guests "voluntarily assume all risks" related to exposure to COVID-19 and agree to waive and release to
"Hold Harmless" Roberts Cycling Adventures or anyone else connected with our group, and you understand that Roberts Cycling Adventures is "not liable" for any "illness or injury" that may occur while attending any of our events or functions.


Meetup Protocols and Membership Revocation

Robert's Cycling Adventures reserves the right at any time at its absolute discretion and without notice to revoke membership in Robert's Cycling Adventures.

From the Meetup Protocols: If a member’s behavior or demeanor is making others "uncomfortable", or is "negatively affecting the experience" of another group member or even in general, you can and will be removed from the group. This See the previous paragraph above.

Also from the Meetup Protocols: Meetup is not a dating site, neither is this club and if anyone feels uncomfortable with another member then this will also not be tolerated and the offender will be subject to removal.

This is a small family-type neighborhood club with a small number of regular riders and I and my family are entitled to be comfortable and happy with everyone else in the group.


By joining or even riding as a guest of Robert's Cycling Adventures, you understand and "have read" all of our 'Safety Pages', so click on the heading of "More" towards the top of our front page, and then go to "Pages"  listed under "Table of Contents" at the bottom of the first "Page".

You understand and agree that maps and routes that are shown on the website are provided for your convenience only and do not guarantee a safe route. You will need to download your own route slips/ cue-sheets & map from the "Ride with GPS" app for each ride, or just follow the ride leader and that you understand that we do not have any designated 'sweepers' or SAG support.

I hereby grant permission to Robert's Cycling Adventures to use any photographs, motion pictures, any type of videos, recordings, or other records of these events for any legitimate purpose.

You agree to wear a bicycle helmet and exercise bicycle safety while riding with Robert's Cycling Adventures.

Thanks for understanding the above and now let's go have a great fun ride!!

Upcoming events (2)

Irvine to Heisler Park in Laguna 2.0

California Fish Grill

Heading towards "beautiful Heisler Park" in Laguna Beach to enjoy the awesome views there, take a break and eat snacks, and then head back on PCH to see that most picturesque view of the Ocean, see the photo below.

We meetup near the San Diego Creek Trail right by the Fish Grill and head over to "awesome Shady Canyon", one of the best trails in the O.C., and then over to Newport Coast Drive for the nice easy climb up to San Joaquin for our cardio workout for the day, and your reward is that awesome downhill on the other side via Pelican Road and seeing the ocean from high up. Stopping at the viewpoint along the way to see most of Newport Harbor right on Pelican Rd. There is the option to do Vista Ridge or Ridge Park Road for those who wish for some extra credit. Woohoo!!

Then hang a "Left" on PCH at the bottom and go towards Laguna Beach and Heisler Park, and hang out there for a bit to enjoy the awesome views, and head back over a different route. Turning left at "Reef Point Dr" off of PCH to catch a new very scenic trail called the" Crystal Cove Trail" on the way back overlooking some beautiful views of the Ocean, for over 2 miles, So we turn left at mile 20.6 on "Reef Point Dr." to catch this trail.

Then back on PCH at mile 22.9. Turning "left" on Poppy over to Ocean Bl with a quick stop by little Corona del Mar Beach to see the famous Arch Rock, and then on to Lookout Point to check out the view of the 2 Newport Piers and the beaches below, then turning right to get on Goldenrod and cross that cute footbridge with all the pretty flowers on it. Then on thru awesome Back Bay which turns into East Bluff Dr passing Bonita Park and then taking University to Harvard and catch the San Diego Creek Trail back to our cars.

Lunch after at the California Fish Grill or Urban Plates so we don't have to drive anywhere. Hope to see all of you "Happy Cyclists" there for this awesome ride to Laguna Beach and Heisler Park. Yeaa!!

Enjoy the Tour! Happy Cycling, Robert

See the route, only 37 miles, and 2K' of moderate elevation gain:

Tour de Palm Springs 2022

Starbucks Reserve

This is an awesome "Fun Ride" and one of the "Best in the West" with 8 to 10 thousand of our closest cycling friends coming in to ride from all over the country. This is not a race so you may cruise at your own pace. I would suggest you "partner up" with riders of a similar pace to ride with. There are numerous Sag Stops with food and drink available along the way. But still, bring your own favorite snacks and drinks.

There are 3 main routes to consider: 25, 50, & 100 miles. Most of us intermediate riders, and Robert, will do the 50 miler. Advanced riders may choose the 100 miler. And of course, beginners and occasional riders can do the 25 miles.

All routes are fairly easy with the 50 & 100 milers having some rolling hills but nothing steep. So this is excellent for riders doing their first ride at these distances.

View the 50-mile route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37826487


You must register with: https://tourdepalmsprings.com/registration/

Pick up your registration packet on-site as you will need your bike number to enter sag stops.


*Bandits beware*

Riders are electronically monitored. Security and/or law enforcement will be present at every SAG location to keep nonpaying riders (bandits) from entering our food & potty areas.

All Riders MUST have a bicycle number (on the front bicycle) to enter SAG stops; NO EXCEPTIONS.

Link for event details: http://www.tourdepalmsprings.com/About-Us

Preparation: Do your Hotel/Motel reservations as soon as you can! There are thousands of riders coming in for this event. I do mine about 2 months prior to ensure the best room at the best price. You can still get some rooms close to the time of the event but they may not be the best or the cheapest. Some may bring their Motor Homes and Park near the event. Some may choose to get up early and drive in on the day of the event. Just allow plenty of time for everything.

Pack up everything the night before you leave when you have plenty of time to check your gear and bike stuff.

One time about 10 years ago I was so rushed to go in the morning and packed in a hurry and when I got there I discovered that I forgot my bike shorts. Since I really didn't want to ride in my boxer shorts, haha, I had to quickly find a bike shop and buy some, and got lucky and found some at the last moment.

Bike Shop: Palm Springs Cyclery 611 S. Palm Canyon Dr. P.S. [masked]. Closes at 6:00 PM. See their website: http://pscyclery.com/

" OUR Meetup Schedule":

I suggest we meet up on Friday around 6:00 PM at Starbucks to decide where to eat. And then post a comment to that effect where some are going.

The Pizza place right around the corner is fine. Bills Pizza is the name. On Indian Canyon just South of Tahquitz

Yes: Chipotle or Rubio's is fine. No reservations are needed and 1/3rd the price.

Chipotle: 2465 East Palm Canyon Drive #1110, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Rubio's: 5200 East Ramon Road, Palm Springs, CA 92264

"Saturday Breakfast for 50 milers", Meetup at "6:30 AM" at "Elmer's Restaurant" 1030 E Palm Canyon Dr. Ate there last year and it was good and not crowded at all. No reservations are needed there.

"Critical Timing": We need to "leave Elmers by 7:15" in order to drive the 2.2 miles to the start of the ride and park by 7:30 and get our bikes ready to then meet up at Starbucks by 7:45.

The ride starts at 8:00 AM in 3 blocks to the North of Starbucks past all the Vendors. They send them out in waves so no big rush to get there.

Last couple of years we were able to park in the lot one block behind Starbucks and to the North in the parking lot there for free. The backup plan is parking across the street in the back of the shops from Starbucks in a pay lot for $5.00 and you put it in a machine so bring the exact cash for that in case.

See the route map and where to park from Elmers: https://goo.gl/maps/yA12P2wPVCP2

You also may be able to park there the night before to "go get your registration packet" at the expo which is nearby on North Palm Canyon Dr.

Elmer's review: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g32847-d473460-Reviews-Elmer_s_Restaurant_Palm_Springs-Palm_Springs_California.html

"Ride Schedule": 50 milers will "meet at 7:45 AM" at "Starbucks" and ride out at 8:00. Robert will lead the 50 milers so see him for details or questions.


100 milers should meet at 6:45 and ride out at 7:00 AM.


After ride: 50 milers put bikes away, or bring them if necessary and meet at Starbucks at Tahquitz & Palm Canyon to discuss Food Place. One year we did Ruby's Diner nearby at 155 S Palm Canyon Dr.

Another time we walked 1 long scenic block South to "Kaiser Grill" and ate. Food was fine, but a little slow on service, anyhow we got to sit on the front patio so we could watch our bikes and the people passing by.

The Weather: "Looks good" Sunny starting out cool with temps. in the 50's and warming up to the mid 70's. See AccuWeather: http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/palm-springs-ca/92262/hourly-weather-forecast/331971?hour=81

Regrouping: With all the thousands of riders we can and will be separated very easy so be prepared to get lost, haha. Not that you really can get lost. The route is well posted with colored arrows on the ground, just remember what color your route is. It will be the same color as your route slip.

Make sure you have your wrist bands/helmet tags/Bike Number Tags on so you can get help from the roving Sag Vehicles and to get into the Sag stops, and make sure you have your route slip with you for backup. The 50 & the 100 milers ride partially on the same route so do not blindly follow any rider, just watch for those road markers and or refer to your route slip when in doubt.

For my 50 miler group: we will "regroup" at the 2 Sag/Rest Stops. And we will probably still get separated because we all ride at different speeds and with not too many stoplights it's so easy to do. Our fallback is to meet at Starbucks at the end of the ride. "Starbucks" 110 N. Palm Canyon, on the Northwest corner at Tahquitz.

So get ready to have a super "fun ride" and see you all there. Woohoo!!! Robert

Check out this cool video by Jeff R. a couple of years ago just to give you some idea how this ride is: http://vimeo.com/21786798

The "Forever Marilyn" statue is forever "Gone". How sad! However, I will keep her picture in the Featured photo spot in remembrance. My favorite Movie Star of that era. But that's her M.O., leaving us way too soon.

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