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This group is for robot developers, researchers and educators who want to leverage ROS (Robot Operating System) in their projects. ROS is an industrial and research grade robot development system that is used in Retink Robotics’ Baxter, robot navigation research and in the Turtlebot educational system.

Understanding ROS requires good computing skills, a knowledge using a high level language in an Ubuntu development environment, and an ability to understand how large software systems fit together. This group is designed to help us all understand how to leverage ROS better. We suggest that members have portable Ubuntu computers (e.g. laptop) with ROS installed.

Our current charter has us meeting once a month devoted to a target topic such as using the robot simulator, teleop, LIDAR mapping and navigation, PID control, odometry, ROS tools and others. This is followed a couple weeks latter with a ROS Open Lab where members can get individual help and assist others. Side benefits are profession networking and skills development.

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Bringing the Pr0t0n Arm to Market and Open Manipulator Build Report

Robert Toppel and his team will talk about bringing the pr0t0n arm to market. e1ectr0n is a spinoff of Axiom Electronics who has been hosting our meetings. pr0t0n is targeted at high-mix, low-volume manufacturing. It is focused at skilled workers who can train the arm for repetitive tasks. A goal is to mitigate the shortage of the high skilled worker required for low-volume manufacturing. pr0t0n supports two training methods: game controller precision movements and keyboard code tasks. It is driven by a dual-core ARM processor with an FPGA embedded PID controller. It supports real time inverse kinematics and 5-axis movement. An effector roll servo adds another axis. Its rated payload is 4.4 pounds with a reach of 21.5 inches. See https://www.e1ectr0n.com for details. OPEN MANIPULATOR BUILD REPORT We will also provide a build report by members assembling the Robotis Open Manipulator. It employs Dynamixel X series servos. ROS supports its OpenCR controller. It has a 500 gram payload with a 14.9 inch reach. See http://emanual.robotis.com/docs/en/platform/openmanipulator_x/overview/ for details.

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