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A new report by McKinsey describes how we are “on the cusp of a new automation age. Robots and computers can not only perform a range of routine physical work activities better and more cheaply than humans, but they are also increasingly capable of accomplishing activities that include cognitive capabilities once considered too difficult to automate successfully, such as making tacit judgments, sensing emotion, or even driving. Automation will change the daily work activities of everyone; from miners and landscapers to commercial bankers, fashion designers, welders, and CEOs.” Key Regional leaders in manufacturing and technology have identified Automation and Robotics as an important technology impacting our region's competitiveness. To accelerate our regions learning and Investment, an Automation and Robotics Users Group is being formed.

To access the Automation and Robotics Playbook: https://quadcitieschamber.com/business-services/business-resources/quad-cities-manufacturing-innovation-hub/playbooks/

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