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3rd Robotics and ROS in Zurich Meetup

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Giovanni T.


Note: this will be our last meetup before the summer break. We'll be back with more ROS goodies from (late) September.

For the third meetup we will be back at ZHAW Lagerstrasse with a tech talk (and sponsoring) from another Zurich-based robotics company: F&P Personal Robotics. They will tell us how they use ROS for their autonomous mobile robots.


  • Quick intro of the meetup
  • "Perception and action planning in complex environments with ROS" by Marko Rastislav and Martin Möller, F&P Personal Robotics
  • Short break
  • Meetup feedback + live demos:
  • "Mapping and navigation with Turtlebot 3 in the cloud", Rodrigue De Schaetzen, ZHAW
  • "Self-calibrating camera position and grasping with Niryo arm", Dimitris Dimopoulos, ZHAW
  • Know each other and mingle over drinks - sponsored by F&P Personal Robotics

Talk abstracts:

Presenter: Rastislav Marko and Martin Möller, Development Engineer, F&P Personal Robotics

F&P Personal Robotics is a pioneer in the field of human-robot interaction. We develop and build the most accepted collaborative robots for industrial and personal service applications. In the talk we will provide insights on how our autonomous mobile robots tackle the challenges of perception and action planning in complex environments. The focus will be on what role ROS plays, both on component level and in the overall software architecture of our systems.

Lagerstrasse 41 · Zurich