What we're about

Anyone who is interested in a deeper and more powerful way to lead your life through a greater understanding of the Lord, love, heaven, and our inner spirit. We will be utilizing the revelation given to Emanuel Swedenborg and recorded by him to help us build a life of goodness and happiness.

Those who search for the truth and who are not satisfied with popular religion as it is today - this is for you.

Do you think that God is love itself? and love would never punish anyone? Do you believe that evil is made by man, not some mythical fallen angel? - this is for you.

Do you believe in a spiritual world? Do you believe all good people go to heaven after the death of our body, directly after death? Do you believe God would never leave us in limbo until the time He comes back to tear the world to shreds in an effort to punish the evil and reward the good? - this is for you.

Do you believe their is no sugar coated pill that will get you to heaven? Do you believe it takes knowledge, compassion, balance, and action to lead a heavenly life? - this is for you.

Are you just curious? - this is for you

All are welcome.

Let's share. Let's connect. Let's respect each other and this world. Let's just hash things out.

We will be discussing what we have learned through "Swedenborg and Life" on youtube and any other materials we are studying.

You can get familiar with the show, Swedenborg and Life , at this link:

Swedenborg and Life show (on the Off The Left Eye Channel) (https://www.youtube.com/user/offTheLeftEye)

You can get familiar with New Church (Swedenborgian) churches in the United States:


You can get familiar with the New Church near you:


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