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Welcome to Rochester Game Night!

This is a group for people who like modern board games! Games of strategy, strange logic, realms and kingdoms, intrigue and comradeship, and of course great betrayals! No Monopoly, Uno, Yahtzee, or the like.

We are an open and fun loving group, and we cater to both casual and avid gamers. All events are free excluding special catered events. Games will be provided by the attendees, but attendees are not required to bring any. Most of the evenings we get together there are at least 2-3 different types of games going on so there's always something for everyone. Making game suggestions (your own or someone else's) on the event page is welcome.

We strongly recommend arriving at the beginning of an event to ensure there are open games for you to join. If you are planning on arriving late, we recommend making a post on the event page to let everyone know when you'll be there.

Well-behaved kids accompanied by an adult are always welcome, unless it is a Games & Drinks Night. Suggested age group is 12+.

Game designers looking for playtesters are encouraged to gauge interest on the event page and may bring their games to a meetup, but we are not a playtesting group.

No solicitations or advertisements are permitted on the event pages.

Anyone interested in becoming an event host is encouraged to contact the Organizer (Will Warren).

Upcoming events (5+)

Board Games & Brews

Needs a location

Join us for some board games & brews at Lovin Cup, located in the Park Point plaza in Henrietta!

Saturday Gaming at Panera in Gates

Panera Bread

We should be using the area by the side window. The location is Panera Bread in the Westgate Plaza at 1501 Howard Road in Gates.

Games and Drinks

Nox Craft Cocktails & Comfort Food

Join us for some gaming and drinks at Nox Cocktail located at Village Gate.

Saturday Gaming at Barnes and Noble

Barnes & Noble

Reoccurring Saturday gaming at the Barnes and Noble at Pittsford every 2nd Saturday each month. Event listed on Barnes and Nobles' website: http://stores.barnesandnoble.com/store/2790?subtype=detailMap We're always located on the second floor, however we may not always be located in the community room, so make sure to check for an updated location by checking the comments at the time of the event. Our group plays modern strategy and thematic board games, however we are always welcome for new members new to the hobby. Recommendations are welcome for games and should be done if scheduling a longer board game to fill spots. Those that reply to suggestions reserve a spot for any suggestions given. Attempt to have games finished by 9:00PM since that's when the event host collects the tables and chairs. Some time over is fine, however new games should not be started after this time out of respect of the Barnes and Noble staff for using their space. No outside food and drink allowed per Barnes and Nobles policy. There are plenty of restaurants in the area. Feel free to eat before, after or take a break from gaming. Out of courtesy, please RSVP. The event host uses this information for letting Barnes and Noble staff know how many tables and chairs to bring out.

Past events (724)

Saturday Gaming at Bill Gray's

Bill Gray's (Greece)

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