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Interested in the Gurdjieff Work? Send a private message to the organizer.
If you are serious about spiritual search and want learn more about the Gurdjieff teaching, this MeetUp can help answer your questions and possibly connect you with the larger Gurdjieff Community in Rochester. Several Gurdjieff Groups meet weekly, but some preparation is necessary before attending. If interested, your first step is to join this Meetup and contact the organizer. We can then privately set up a place to meet for coffee and discuss your questions.

Gurdjieff Meeting hall

Rt 31 · Fairport, NY

What we're about

The Gurdjieff Work is a spiritual tradition best employed by those who have tried other systems and have been disappointed, disillusioned, or have realized that spiritual advancement cannot take place without the aid of others with a similar aim. The Gurdjieff system consists of teachings and practices that are designed to reveal a reality that is ordinarily veiled from view; and to awaken one's true nature and purpose. The Work is not a system based on belief (religion) or theory (philosophy), but rather a teaching that builds upon direct experience.

Some core ideas include:

Man has two natures: our habitual, ordinary nature, and a higher one.

Higher centers, beyond thought, emotion and the body, exist in each of us; but their influence is blocked by the habits of our ordinary state.

Conscious evolution is possible for individuals, but it cannot happen "mechanically."

Evolution begins with the difficult work of observing ourselves in our daily life as we find ourselves – our habits, movements, tensions, ways of relating to other people, fears, and preferences.

This Meetup can be an entre to the larger Gurdjieff community. Only join this group if seriously interested in exploring the Gurdjieff Work as spiritual path.

If you are interested, you will meet individually with someone from the Rochester Gurdjieff Center at a local coffee shop. We will discuss your interests in spiritual search, and questions you might have about the Gurdjieff Work.

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