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Go to https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4cwwymSPYvmOFMyazhENEVpQWc to view chord charts and lyrics of some songs we do.

Hello music enthusiasts. My name is Michael Kuyt, organizer of this group. I have reached retirement age and wish to spend more time playing as well as promoting the playing of live music simply for the fun of it.

I play bass and have been interested in and have enjoyed blues and classic rock since the 60's. I remember seeing the Grateful Dead at the Filmore West in 68 and was at Woodstock in 69. Watching the likes of Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix up close as well as many others over the years has inspired me to want play live music. There's nothing quite like it, even if I don't come remotely close to measuring up to the greats.

If you play an instrument or sing, or have aspirations of playing an instrument or of singing, please consider joining this group. We are happy to accommodate beginners to advanced. Please keep in mind though, we are a traditional blues and classic rock group and I plan to stick to those genres. If your musical interests are substantially in a different genre, perhaps another group will meet those needs.

I have put together a large jam space in my garage. I call the space "The Workshop" because it was formerly a wood working shop but is now a workshop of a different sort, for music. It has carpeting, insulation and heat. It's not fancy, but it is functional. There are acoustic panels on the walls and we don't have to worry about disturbing the neighbors. There are amps, two PAs, a mixing board, a stereo, a full set of drums, a keyboard, music stands, etc.

I will be limiting the number of people that come to any one jam session to 8 because of the space available. I hope to bring a reasonable amount of structure to each session. I provide at no cost to anyone, the use of a great deal of equipment, the heated and dedicated space, the organizing and hosting of the jams. The biggest thing that I ask for in return is common courtesy and communication. Don't sign up for a jam unless you REALLY plan on coming. Keep me informed of your intentions. It helps me a lot as organizer.

Thanks for considering this group and I look forward to meeting you all.

Michael Kuyt

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Let’s Jam!

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