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This is a group for anyone wanting learn about, practice and improve their NLP skills. Neuro-linguistic Programming was co created by Dr Richard Bandler in the 1970's and is the study of what works. The techniques were discovered whilst modelling successful human behavior - specifically the process by which people create positive neurological change. The results became a technology and a set of tools and techniques that when applied, help people to make positive changes - personally or professionally. Used now in all areas of life from sales to management, sports, personal development and education.

This state of the art neurological technology has multiple techniques to help you to move forward. NLP also allows you to keep your problem private as it is content free. It works by examining the process of your experience and then applying techniques so that you get the outcomes you want to have .

Often people have experienced traumatic events and in those circumstances it is understandable how these events have led to personal difficulties. The great news is that these techniques are like recipes, easily explained and when followed make quick and lasting changes. These techniques have helped thousands of people to overcome issues such as grief, severe anxiety, trauma, inner conflict, anger, depression, OCD, phobias, addictions, fear, jealousy, insomnia, obesity, eating disorders, panic attacks. Even people diagnosed with severe mental health issues have been helped using NLP techniques. Whatever you need whether it be confidence, success, relaxation these group sessions will help to guide and direct you to the resources you already have to overcome your problems.

Tiffany Banks is a Licensed Trainer or NLP™ and she hosts this meet up in Rochester so you can learn about the techniques . They are great when used for Self Development or if you work with private clients. So come along and experience how NLP can benefit you.

Tiffany also sees private clients, runs workshops and licenses people in NLP techniques.

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An evening of NLP tools and techniques

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City Way Health Clinic

NLP and Hypnotic language patterns

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