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Before you consider joining this group, please read our photo policy first. Our group is strictly designed around policies, experience, science and procedures. For specific reasons, no one under 18 is allowed.

We specifically ask you for a full-face photo of just yourself! No couples photos-even if you're both joining. This helps organizers and members put a face with your name. No sunglasses, no photo-shopping, ghosts, babies, cars, bikes, pets/animals, cartoons, children, landscapes. Just a full-face photo of yourself only. Please use your real First Name, last if you want. No initials and no "popular character" name. Please answer the 5 profile questions IN DETAIL, not just one word. Be specific in your answers as this helps us determine your abilities. We will guide you in areas you'll need to know.

NOTE: You must live locally, within a 30-40 mile radius for participation in meetings and you MUST attend the first meeting after you join..

Please read all of the following rules and policies.

RPR Policy for Proper Investigations Effective Date: Thursday, March 23, 2017

1. Member must have attended 1 monthly meeting prior to investigation in order to be eligible to sign up for said investigation. Member must be able to show up for evidence review meeting and the first monthly meeting after the review meeting to share their experiences and evidence with the whole group.

2. Members who sign up for pay investigations must pay 30 days prior to the event, non-refundable. (your spot can be sold to another qualified member; no show-no refund and removal from the group) 3. Member who signs up for an investigation must have a minimum of 1 piece of equipment and use it. 4. Member who signs up for an investigation must be able to stay through the whole event. (9pm till 1 am) Anyone who leaves early will be removed from the group. If you cannot commit to the time, do not sign up.

5. Members who sign up for investigation will wait in the home base area while designated team decides where equipment will be set up.

a. All investigators will assist in the setup of equipment log placement.

b. All investigators will assist in the breakdown of equipment.

c. All equipment must be accounted for.

6. No one will investigate alone. This is for two reasons: first for safety, and second for confirmation (Someone to back up what you hear, or see) 7. ABSOLUTELY No cell phones may be used on any investigations, with NO EXCEPTIONS. They interfere with equipment being used. 8. You must be a member to sign up to investigate. 9. Only members may bring guests to investigations.

a. Member's guest(s) must read and sign this form prior to investigation

b. Guests are also welcome and encouraged to attend monthly meeting after review and share in any evidence they have with the group.

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Cookie: Organizer,

Keith: Co-Organizer,

Kriss: Co-Organizer,

Jan: Co-Organizer

Rick: Co-Organizer

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