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I am a professional photographer based in Rochester, Michigan.

I have been involved in photography since the late 1970's. I won't get into all the details here, but I've owned and shot Minolta, Olympus, Canon and most recently Nikon cameras. I subscribe to the philosophy that the best camera is the one in my hands at the moment.
This group is intended to bring together people that love photography but may not be getting the results that they are capable of creating. I will be offering workshops to address a variety of topics, and I welcome suggestions or requests for workshops if the one you want isn't listed.

I charge $40 to workshop participants and workshops typically last at least 3 hours, with time split between lecture/ demonstration and hands-on participation. I also offer 90 minute private lessons for $90 or Buy 4 and get the 5th free.

My photographic interests span the gamut from portraiture, to landscapes to macro, to architecture, sports and beyond. If you think it is interesting, I probably will also.
In addition to the capture side of the equation (capture meaning the actual taking of pictures) I am also very adept at post processing (meaning everything involved once the image has been taken).

I do my own printing in-house on an Epson 7900 24" wide-format professional ink-jet printer. My primary software of choice is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop Extended. I am currently working in CS4, but once I am confident that any major bugs have been sussed out of CS5 I will be making the move.

I LOVE photography and am incredibly fortunate to be able to make my livelihood doing what I love. It hasn't always been this way, I worked for 24 years at a REAL job, but let me tell you, I have never worked as long or as hard as I have since making photography my career. Having said that I wouldn't change a thing! So if you love photography and want to move to the next level join in.

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Rochester Photography Workshops - Challenge #22 "Top Down"

Hello, Several really creative "fridge" photos. As seems to be the case lately, I have a few distractions keeping me from commenting and posting as quickly as I did a few weeks ago. Got the garden going, cleaned out the garage and now I'm working on the studio and the storage room. It's great to have some concrete projects to give you a good sense of accomplishment. The new computer is working out well. Nice to have a speed boost when working with images. The holiday weekend is upon us. I need to thank Jan Armstrong for suggesting this challenge. So this challenge is to make an image from directly above your subject. Look for interesting things you can photograph from above. Since we lost most of Sunday, I set the deadline for Tuesday. This is set for 7pm so you have until then to RSVP. Once you RSVP you should be able to post your photos. If you need help reach out to me text/call at (248)[masked]. I should be pretty available. Good luck and enjoy yourself. Bob

Birmingham Carnival - Night Photography | Rochester Photography Workshop

This is a great introduction to night photography. It is a pleasant time of year to be out into the evening and there are numerous different scenes to photograph during the carnival. Join Bob in Downtown Birmingham for Carnival Night! This photography workshop will be all about photographing the lights and the crowds at night. Birmingham will be bursting with lights and people and Bob will instruct you on how to capture the light and motion! This will be a hands on session held on the streets of Birmingham. I am limiting it to 12 participants so I have plenty of time to work with each person. The only steadfast requirement is that you have a sturdy tripod. If you do not own a good tripod, I am an authorized Induro and Benro tripods dealer. I price match B&H Photo as well as Amazon, with the added benefit of personally helping you select the appropriate model for your needs and budget. It is recommended that you have a remote release that allows you to release the camera shutter without having to physically touch the camera. If you do not have one, we can set your camera to use self-timer. We also carry the Phottix line of wired remotes if you are interested in purchasing one. We will discuss and implement: • Exposure compensation• • Zooming during a long exposure • General Night Photography techniques • Light trails of headlights and tail lights • Bob's cell phone is[masked] if you are trying to locate him. Bob typically parks in the deck on Pierce Street.

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