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I am a professional photographer based in Rochester, Michigan.

I have been involved in photography since the late 1970's. I won't get into all the details here, but I've owned and shot Minolta, Olympus, Canon and most recently Nikon cameras. I subscribe to the philosophy that the best camera is the one in my hands at the moment.
This group is intended to bring together people that love photography but may not be getting the results that they are capable of creating. I will be offering workshops to address a variety of topics, and I welcome suggestions or requests for workshops if the one you want isn't listed.

I charge $40 to workshop participants and workshops typically last at least 3 hours, with time split between lecture/ demonstration and hands-on participation. I also offer 90 minute private lessons for $90 or Buy 4 and get the 5th free.

My photographic interests span the gamut from portraiture, to landscapes to macro, to architecture, sports and beyond. If you think it is interesting, I probably will also.
In addition to the capture side of the equation (capture meaning the actual taking of pictures) I am also very adept at post processing (meaning everything involved once the image has been taken).

I do my own printing in-house on an Epson 7900 24" wide-format professional ink-jet printer. My primary software of choice is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop Extended. I am currently working in CS4, but once I am confident that any major bugs have been sussed out of CS5 I will be making the move.

I LOVE photography and am incredibly fortunate to be able to make my livelihood doing what I love. It hasn't always been this way, I worked for 24 years at a REAL job, but let me tell you, I have never worked as long or as hard as I have since making photography my career. Having said that I wouldn't change a thing! So if you love photography and want to move to the next level join in.

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Landscape Photography in a Lavender Field w/Robert DiTommaso Photo

Indigo Lavender Farm


We tried to do this on July 11th but the rain was unrelenting. Hopefully this goes much better.

Join Bob to learn to photograph both close-up Lavender Flowers as well as the vista of Lavender Fields! We have arranged for group access to Indigo Lavender Farms. Join us for this unique opportunity to shoot the fields as the day settles into evening (Golden Hour) while the Lavender is in bloom! Bob will be giving both group and one-on-one instruction during the immersion in the Lavender Field!

You will want to bring with you your assortment of lenses from wide angle to telephoto, a tripod, a remote release, etc. You may want bring along bug spray.
NOTE: The chemicals found in most commercially made bug sprays will etch the plastic components of your camera/ lenses. If you use bug spray bring along a means of cleaning and drying your hands to avoid any unpleasant results.

The Workshop Fee includes Bob's instruction as well as the fee to visit the farm. If you are bringing someone with you who will just be there to experience the field of Lavender, there will be a $5 guest fee charge for them (payable that day).

With MeetUp no longer accepting payments I have turned off RSVP's and instead ask that you follow the link below to pay and reserve your spot.

YOU WILL CLICK on "6:30 pm" to register for the workshop. It will have you complete the registration online including payment.


Once on the 17Hats website, click on the time "6:30 pm" to register.

There are port-a-potties on site. Oh joy!

[masked] /[masked]. Bob's cell phone is[masked] if you are trying to reach us that day.

Understanding & Creating Light - Rochester Photography Workshops

Online event


Photography is first and foremost about light. The location and nature of the light in an image determines the look and feel.

The weather can do what it wants, we'll be playing inside.

Working with natural light, off-camera flash, and studio strobes we will learn to understand how light behaves. Light is light. Learning how window/natural light behaves will translate well into understanding off-camera flash and/or studio strobes. Maybe you find flash or strobes intimidating...use this opportunity to play and see that they can be your best friend. Use that knowledge to craft the image you want.

Bob will start by explaining some light basics, then everyone will be encouraged to pull out their cameras and experiment.

You will want to bring your camera, a variety of lenses. I don't foresee a lot of need for wide angle. Normal to telephoto and macro would be good choices. If you have a tripod it could come in handy. Optional equipment...if you have an off camera flash or lighting equipment you are welcome to bring it along so you can get to know your own gear better.

If you have any questions please call Bob (248)[masked].

The fee for this workshop is $40.
The first 12 paid participants will be admitted.

With MeetUp no longer accepting payments.

YOU WILL CLICK on "11am" to register for the workshop. It will have you complete the registration online including payment.


Edsel & Eleanor Ford House Photography and Tour with Rochester Photography Wkshp

We have arranged for a private tour of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford Estate. Photography is permitted outside the home, but not inside.

We will gather at the Visitor Center beginning at 8am. We will have open access to the grounds until the tour begins at 10am. No photography is permitted inside the house, so I suggest we photograph until about 9:45am then return our gear to our vehicles. There will be a shuttle bus at the Visitor Center to run participants up to the house a little before 10am. The tour includes the upstairs and downstairs so be prepared to do a little walking and climbing.

The tour should conclude around 11:15, and we need to be off the grounds by Noon.

I would bring a general purpose lens and a macro if you have one. Since everything we photograph will be outdoors we can probably skip tripods. Bob will be offering assistance and be available to answers your questions.

The fee for this workshop is $50 and includes the house tour.
The first 23 paid participants will be admitted.

With MeetUp no longer accepting payments.

YOU WILL CLICK on "8am" to register for the workshop. It will have you complete the registration online including payment.


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