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In this, the 3rd workshop in the Lightroom Classic CC Series, Bob will discuss the process to print & output your images.

While sharing your images with friends and family on your phone is fun, it isn't the same experience as sharing tangible prints of your images! Inkjet printers have come a long way, using Lightroom Classic CC to ensure your colors are accurate and your prints are their finest is key!

Move beyond sharing your images on a phone! Learn about the art of Printing and Output with Bob!
This workshop is all about making tangible prints. We will work in both the Print Module as well as the Book Module.

We will look at creating print presets for a variety of different purposes. Then we will learn how to print at home, if you have an inkjet printer, or how to create files to send out for printing to places like Costco, or a professional lab.

Books are another wonderful way to share your work, and we will explore the "Book Module" and see what is involved in making our own work into a coffee table masterpiece.

The focus this month is on Lightroom Classic CC - the post processing software that Bob has used for the past 11 years. He started working with it when he was a hobbyist and continues to work with it in his professional photography work. He strongly recommends it for photographers of all levels! Lightroom Classic CC is an extremely powerful tool for organizing your images, editing your images and printing your images. It covers a lot of ground, and has a learning curve, but once you get comfortable with it, you will love what it can do for you!

The Lightroom Classic CC series is broken up into four separate and unique workshops. Participants are welcome to take one, two, three or all four workshops. There is a 20% discount on the 4 classes if you sign up for all session ($128 for 4 workshops.) Follow this link to sign up for all 4 workshops at the discounted rate.

There are no pre-requisites to attending any single workshop, just understand that each workshop focuses on unique features of the software and there will be limited time to address off-topic questions.

Recommended Book:
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While I love to write, I don't have the time or resources to write out lengthy software based handouts for these workshops, especially when several great resources already exist. This entire group of Lightroom Classic CC workshops will be strongly based upon the recommended text. I urge you to both buy it, and bring it along to the workshop. You are encouraged to bring your laptop to the workshop.

Adobe provides a free download, so if you don't already own it, you can download the trial version on your laptop and bring it to the class. Please bring a variety of images to practice on during the workshop.

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