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Data visualization is one of the most important ways of understanding complex systems.

Dave will explain what is meant by visualization and show some techniques that will be easy, as well as powerful. He'll also discuss some of the many ways to use python to visualize data.

This talk will be focused on using Matplotlib, Mayavi, and Blender, and If time permits we might try to go a little lower level by playing around with some OpenGL too.

If you would like to follow along just make sure you have the tools above installed. For assistance there are 2 different Python distributions that contain matplotlib and mayavi, Enthought Canopy and Anaconda.

Location Information

The map link above for our location is not sufficient, so I have a more detailed and annotated map that should be referenced:

A map ( to Bausch and Lomb Hall at the University of Rochester

(parking and walking directions)

The meeting will be in Bausch and Lomb Hall, room 407.

• Find the elevator, go to the 4th floor and exit to your right.

• At the end of the hall, make another right.

• Walk to the very end of the hall past the fire doors.

• You are now at Room 407.

• Network Access Internet access is readily available.