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This group is for people who enjoy golf, are beginners or better, yet who get more enjoyment from the people they play with than from playing the perfect game. It is a relaxed group, scoring is optional, and a basic understanding of golf etiquette is a must. This is not for competition, it is meant for those who want to have fun and play social golf and get to know new people to enjoy the game. We are not a teaching or coaching group for those looking to learn, but all skill levels are welcome. One can play 9 or 18 holes.

This past year we have had social events as well as golfing. Members are encouraged to suggest courses to play, outings, etc.

We usually play Wednesday and Saturday, about noon, and have 3 to 6 foursomes. Members are free to organize other days and/or times as well if that is desired.


There is a 30 day grace period after joinng the group before any dues are required. Notice will be provided by MeetUp. For the 2020 season, dues are $8 and pay for the annual MeetUp fee. Each member pays a fee each season directly to MeetUp via credit or debit card. Any extra money left over after annual MeetUp dues can go toward a get together or to reduce member dues for the ensuing season.


At any given time, the organizer can remove a member that has repeated no-shows, or whose behavior has not been deemed appropriate.

The organizer will remove any members who have not been active. The reason is to keep the group membership active and allow new people to join. This allows us to stay under the 50 member threshold for now, which is a little cheaper for organizer dues.

IMPORTANT - Group Rules and Expectations:

- MUST HAVE a profile with a REAL & IDENTIFIABLE PICTURE OF YOUR FACE so we are not guessing when meeting people at the golf course. REQUESTS TO JOIN WITHOUT a clear identifiable face picture WILL NOT BE APPROVED.

- Please try to sign up for a golf outing 2 days prior to the event. We may need to make reservations for tee times, and will need to know how many. Once we have a tee time, or times, an outing may be opened back up for additional people to sign up (if we have 6 and get 2 tee times, we can then open it up to add 2 more, for example).

- We understand that plans can change. If you cannot make an event, please change your RSVP status, even if the meetup is about to start or has started. REPEAT OFFENDERS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP AFTER 3 NO-SHOWS. "3 strikes you are out rule".

- Please be punctual as we will likely have tee times to keep. Show up and be ready to go before the tee time. We may not be able to wait if you are late.

- Each member is responsible for paying for their own golf.

- Please do not pre-pay any golf fees or make any pre-paid online reservations. If you do, the group is not responsible for any lost money. Pre-paid fees are the responsibility of the person who made the advance reservation, and those who signed up and committed to golfing. Anyone that owes money will be expected to reimburse in a timely fashion, or will be removed from the group.

- The group is not liable in any way for any monetary loss or any injury that may be incurred at one of our outings. Golf is not inherently dangerous, but there are some risks being on a golf course.

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Holiday Celebration - Jeremiah’s Penfield

Jeremiah's Tavern

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Shadow Lake executive course 12:00 Walking only!

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