What we're about

The group's purpose is pretty basic. Riding motorcycles. A tool to connect folks that share the hobby of motorcycling. Short trips, bike nights, day trips...over-nighters. Its all fair game here. We are for the most part cruiser riders but ALL motorcycles are welcome.

Feel free to stop in. Sign up. Say hello. Introduce yourself. Its all good.

The group is open and the information is public. Have you ever just wanted to find 4-5 people to ride with? Well, Send he basic information in and it will get posted. As long as all are respectful, we leave the group for you to plan and post.

Membership is free. When the renewal time comes, there will be a request for a "chip in" Basically, it just mean tossing in a couple bucks each.

Notice that some posts are put up as "Information" posts. That means the poster is putting up the info, but may not be leading/coordinating the event, however you can RSVP and meet up with other riders. Just don't say, "where is the guy who planned this" FYI. In fact, you are free to comment on the event, and suggest a meet time and place!

Here is a link that lists almost all the key Bike events in NY. Look it over. If you see something you want to host or go to, we didn't already post it, then YOU post and plan! You have that power. http://www.abateny.org/events/events.htm

Last, it's meant to be fun. Jump in, link up, meet up, Ride...........

Upcoming events (1)

Loop from Henrietta/Rush. About 145 miles. Finish with Dinosaur BBQ

Start from Wegmans, heading west along Telephone Rd, thru Pavilion, South thru Castile, Caneades to Cuba. East along 244. North on 36, 256 along Conesus. Back to 15, and into city. Dinner at the Dinosaur at 99 Court Street. Remember full tank of gas. About a 3.5 mile ride. Rain date will be Sunday the 22nd.

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