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Rock it out! May 2015
We are going to try for the group's first meetup/show in late May of 2015 in Manhattan. Most likely this will be a weeknight evening with exact details to follow.

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    What we're about

    Do you like rock music? Yes!

    Do you like going to shows and supporting local musicians? Yes!!

    Want to also be part of an organization that supports the music arts? YES!!!

    Rock and Effect NYC is a meetup group that checks out some of the top local live rising stars in the rock music world. Join the group to meet new people, go to awesome shows, and support the local music arts scene.

    We are currently building our list of interested members. Once we get going we will most likely be checking out 1-2 shows per month. Join the group now and get updates on our first event!


    What types of shows does Rock & Effect NYC go to?

    Rock & Effect NYC supports local rock musicians in the New York City area. Shows are located at some of the top rock bars and small/medium venues in the city. Selected events are curated by the group organizers. Our focus is to support up-and-coming rock bands and indie groups vs. already established big ticket or mainstream events.

    How often does this group meet?

    The group meets 1-2 times per month typically on a weeknight evening.

    Is there a cost to join the group or go to a show?

    There are no fees or dues to join and participate in Rock & Effect NYC. However, members are expected to pay their own entry cover charges and drinks. Entry cover charges range between $5-$15. The cost of entry will be accepted at the door by the venue unless otherwise specified in the event description.

    How does Rock & Effect support the local music arts community?

    Rock out and cause a positive effect! Just by showing up and paying the entry free you are supporting a local musician or band. Typically cover charges go directly to a performing act once a minimum threshold has been met by the host venue. Due to the the vast amount of venues in NYC local bands may encounter audiences that are spread very thinly from venue to venue. By forming a group we can give selected local acts eager for new fans an opportunity to play for larger audience.

    In the future, Rock & Effect NYC will be looking to partner with local music arts charitable organizations in combination with local venues to provide fundraising opportunities.

    How can I join the group?

    Joining is easy. If you like rock music, want to meet new people, and support the local music arts scene become a member of Rock & Effect NYC via

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