What we're about

The world is changing, our lives are moving onto the next chapter, and we're evolving this group, too.

As I migrate half the year to the Carolinas, we're finding that connections are more valuable than ever!

With the world in a new "normal" we are planning more virtual meetups to keep us together and help you feel connected and moving forward in your career, business and your personal life.

Looking for a fun group of like-minded people who want to make their career/business BOOM on and off the golf course? Join us for live and online meetups, webinars and other fun ways to grow your circle and your professional development and networking skills.

We help folks learn WHY and HOW golf can change their world, and help folks GET IN THE GAME.

Golf wannabe's to advanced golfers are welcomed from not only across the North Jersey/NYC metro Area, but the Carolinas and now around the world. This will be a fun way to get outdoors, or play inside. We'll have year-round events (both on and off the golf course and driving ranges) while learning a sport that can change your business and personal life FOREVER. Bring your friends, clients and your business cards.

More importantly, feel free to step up and suggest what you'd like to see the group do together.

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