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This is not your standard technology meet up! Rockin' Ruby won't have many presentations; think of it more as a support group and book club. Once a month in small and engaging discussion groups, we're gonna grok and talk everything Ruby. All are welcome and encouraged to participate!

We're gonna dig into Ruby for the sake of Ruby. We're gonna shy away from Rails and other distractions to really focus on the Ruby language. This will be especially helpful for newer Rubyists who want to mature their grasp on deeper concepts, and will be helpful to experienced Rubyists who want to master concepts by teaching someone.

I'm hoping to meet every first Tuesday at the Rockville Memorial Library. I'm expecting very small turn out, really no more than 8 people per event. If for some reason there is huge demand for this group, we can tweak the format.


- One hour long week-day meeting a month
- Five people total every meeting
- Five people who attend 3 times in 2018
- Read through two books (though maybe not a direct goal)


- Not interested in building up overall membership
- Not interested in sales
- Not interested in evangelism of brands, products or services

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