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Welcome to Rockville Science Center! We run many programs - we will list many of them on Meetup but not all. Please visit our website to see all there is!

The mission of Rockville Science Center, Inc. (RSC) (http://www.rockvillesciencecenter.org/) is to inspire a passion for lifelong exploration of science for our diverse community. Through our programs and quest to bring a permanent interactive Science Center to Rockville and Montgomery County, we work to cultivate a sense of inquiry, discovery, wonder and understanding of the scientific foundations of everyday life.

Our all-volunteer makerspace group serves our local area by providing patrons access to tools and makerspace resources. We inspire collaboration and have a lot of fun creating together!


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Children's Programming - AI & Drawing!

Online event

Children's Programming Club Meeting, AI&Drawing
Ages 9-17

Interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Do you want to interact with AI and learn how AI works by doodling?
Join us at this workshop to see the amazing things AI can do!
We will introduce AI&Drawing (https://ai-4-all.org/open-learning/ ).

This workshop introduces basic AI concepts through hand-on activities. It is visual and fun!

Zoom meeting link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88696277944
No password required

Science Tuesday: Signaling the Civil War

Online event

Signaling the Civil War, with Louis J Leito

The use of the telegraph in the American Civil War allowed for the President, for the first time, to have near-real-time communications with his commanders. Visual signaling allowed for rapid communication across the battlefield. Both were easily intercepted by the enemy forcing both the Union and Confederacy to rely on encryption methods to protect their secret messages. Learn about America’s first dedicated military cryptologic efforts and the role it played in the Civil War, including signal flags, the telegraph, the Anson Stager U.S. Telegraph Cipher Book, and the Confederate Cipher Reel.

Neuroscience For Kids - Learning and Development!

36 Maryland Ave


Neuroscience4Kids, a series of 3 classes.

Class1: Brains development and structure/function.
Wednesday, April 14, 4 - 6 pm

Hands-on: Make clay brains of Insects, fish, reptiles, birds, cat/dog and human. Then color 5 major brain structures to visualize how brain evolved from reptiles to Humans. Also, you will learn about the structure/function of different parts of the brains and how they work. How to surprise the Broca's area to get the attention needed...

Class 2: Neurons - Central unit of brain function.
Wednesday, April 21, 4 - 6 pm

Hands-on: Make a giant neuron firing up chemicals.
Learn the role of the main chemicals used by neurons to communicate with each others. What are the techniques to measure brain function? MRI, CT-scan...

Class 3: Growth Mindset and Neural connection!
Wednesday, April 28, 4 - 6 pm

Hands-on: Make a brain hat.
Why is learning from mistakes good for our brain, and how does that make us smarter?
How can simple connections between neurons differentiate us as individuals?
What is a growth mindset and why should we embrace it?
Learn how to harness the 100 trillions neural connections to your advantage by embracing growth mindset.

Age: ≥ 7

Materials provided:
Air-dry clay, paint, brushes, a giant neuron, ping-pong balls, index cards, brain hat (right left sheets)...

Please check availability, register and pay at Eventbrite link:

Community Hour - Open Discussion!

Online event

Hello Makers, you are invited every Thursday (6:30 - 7:30 pm) to have an open discussion about any science project you are tinkering with.
Please join us online (unlimited) or in-person (8 participants only) if you are thinking about starting a project or you are in the middle of a project and you have questions or need inputs or just a specific tool?

We will invite knowledgeable people to answer your questions or we will put you in contact with someone who can help you.
Main equipment at the Rocville Science Center: 3D printers, 40 watts laser engraver/cutter, hot glue guns, wood and metal hand saw ...

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Community Hour - Open Discussion!

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