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G40 Axis & Allies Game Day
We'll be playing the Global-1940 2nd Edition - "G40".....AGAIN We'll start playing at 12 pm (noon) and we're targeting to end no later than 11 pm. I can always use help setting up - players are welcome to arrive as early as 11:30 am. Yes, seating is limited to two tables of 4 players each (8 players total) so if you plan to attend but something changes for you last moment - please change your RSVP to "no" as soon as you can so the next person on the wait-list can take your place - again seating at my house is limited to 8 players so please keep your RSVP up to date and accurate. Thanks! Please bring snacks to share and money for dinner as we will plan to order food for pick up or delivery. I'll have a $ collection jar out too - so bring cash if you'd like to pitch in to help offset the cost of the fee of $180 a year. Thanks See you then. Chirs

Willcox House

3308 South Pennsylvania St · Englewood, CO

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This Meetup group is dedicated to bringing Axis and Allies fans together to play Face to Face games of Axis & Allies!

What is Axis and Allies?
In a nutshell, this is a strategy board game set during World War 2. While it’s a “historic board game” it’s by no means an extensively detailed "recreation" of WW2. For example, my tank functions the exact same way as your tank does; there is no consideration placed on the “historic differences" or "exact details” between German tanks and American tanks. A tank is a tank, a plane is a plane, a sub is a sub, etc. It’s also a board game that is designed for kids 12 and up so its “easy to learn” yet difficult to master. It has a pretty steep learning curve simply because there are a lot of game parts and several “political rules”, map rules and “special rules” to learn. And, the most daunting thing about this game for new players is that playing one game can and often does require 9 or more hours of game play just to finish one game. Yes, that is more time than most people put into a single day at work but trust us it’s well worth the chunk of time required to play it!

WHEN DO WE START SETTING UP???......11:30 am - All hands are welcome to join the fun of rearranging my furniture and setting up the game tables!

WHEN DO WE START PLAYING???....12:00 noon - is when we strive to start playing the game. Please do your best to be on time; we need as many hours as possible to complete one game in one game day.

WHAT DO WE PLAY???....We play the game of Axis and Allies, we play the version of Axis & Allies known as "Global 1940" - OR "G40". G40 is the latest and greatest version of AA - the G40 game combines Europe 1940 and Pacific 1940 (2nd edition) into this one way cool game! need/want more info on the game we play? visit:

You can download the rules, setup charts and FAQ....BUT don't fear if you don't do this before you join us for your first game day!!! New players are always welcome! We enjoy teaching this game almost as much as we enjoy playing it so don't be intimidated if your new to the game of Axis & Allies.

WHAT TIME WILL WE STOP PLAYING AT????...MIDNIGHT!!! I'm too old and always have too much else to do on Sunday to stay up much beyond midnight so that's when WW2 ends! Victory or no victory!! YES...12 hours of playing a kids game!!!

Other Things to keep in mind if you will be joining us:

Please respect others time by striving to arrive on time (please call or text me if your running late 720-391-9787) and please plan to stay until your game is finished or the clock strikes midnight. yes, that PROBABLY means 12 hours of Axis & Allies. YES...this game can and often does take THAT LONG to play 1 game!

Food - PLEASE bring a snack or drink to share! Yes, alcohol - in moderation - is welcome at my house. We can order pizza or subs or take a break and make a food run about 5 pm so bring $5 (cash) for ordering your share of dinner!!

Loose Lips sink ships so please.... PLEASE...NO PROFANITY - I'm working real hard to clean up my language - too many years in the military and the construction industry has left me stained. I'm tired of such language and would greatly appreciate it not being used in my home - so will the wife. Thanks.

Smoking - if you smoke, your welcome to do so outside so long as you police up your butts. I'll even provide you an ashtray if you need one.

"Dues" - I don't much like this word but Meetup uses it and most people understand what it means. please bring $5 to pitch into the group. This is NOT mandatory but is very much appreciated since having this meet up site costs $90 every 6 months.

Those with pet allergies - we have 1 cat - so be warned we have cat fur in the house - BUT - AGAIN, thankfully I have a way cool wife that not only lets us invade her small home but she does a great job of keeping the place as clean as she can so hopefully this wont impact players too much.

And as always, I'm looking forward to waging war with friends! See you all soon!


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