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This community is an extension of the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise (FIBREE), an international nonprofit consortium of blockchain and real estate professionals with the mission to bring blockchain technologies forward to mainstream commercial adoption.

Our community is for everyone who's shares our interest in learning about how blockchain tech is revolutionizing the real estate industry. Our community is comprised of real estate professionals and blockchain entrepreneurs, experts, enthusiasts and the curious-minded.


Nearly every aspect of real estate is being transformed by blockchain technology - whether you're in property investment, property management, real estate development, residential or commercial brokerage, consulting, real estate law, title and land registry, you name it - blockchain technology is beginning to change it all, and as real estate practitioners and distributed ledger technology (DLT) professionals, being on the cutting-edge gives us a big advantage, and enables us to be the leaders of positive change through advancing collaboration among these two industries.

The very foundations of our global economy are evolving in front of our eyes. The impact that blockchain will have on the way we live and the way we do business (especially in the real estate business) in the near future cannot be understated. How do we know this?

Check out our must-read 2019 Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise Industry Report to understanding everything about the current state of the global real estate industry through the lens of blockchain technology.

Cheers! to all of my colleagues at FIBREE who helped in producing this in-depth and groundbreaking research into the impact of Blockchain on the Real Estate industry today.

Find the report here: https://fibree.org/industry-report/ We will be sharing our insights and key findings at upcoming events at Denver Blockchain Week (Sept 30) and at the Global Blockchain Summit (Oct 3-4).


Blockchain has been likened to the most revolutionary technological advances in modern times. Advances that have dramatically changed human interaction, innovations that have been called "the five greatest inventions in human history," include the printing press, electricity, radio, the internet and, you guessed it, blockchain.

Obviously, the global real estate markets are a great place for the implementation of new technologies to advance progress in a world of old investment strategies. Fintech and proptech enterprises are taking the traditional real estate industry by storm through the development and implementation of blockchain and cryptoasset innovations, advancing real estate investment in ways that can not be underestimated.

On this note, from my experience as a proptech entrepreneur, Certified Blockchain Expert, Certified Smart Contract Developer and Regional Chair of FIBREE I have a bold prediction: By 2025, the majority of global real estate investments will be issued as tokenized asset offerings (TAOs) and equity held as cryptoassets, specifically security tokens, just like traditional securities but traded peer-to-peer transparently without financial intermediaries, banks or other costly and inefficient intermediaries.

Furthermore, real estate, loans, equities and anything currently considered by regulators and applicable laws as a security can and will be tokenized. While securities laws will clearly apply to this category of cryptoassets, the investor attraction is clear: the ability to tap a borderless and highly liquid decentralized market for property investment that is open to all.

This revolution of liquidity across global real estate markets will occur by democratizing asset classes through blockchain technology and peer-to-peer investment. I posit that commercial real estate will be owned solely through cryptoassets in the very near future, and I’m not the only one who believes that real estate will greatly benefit from tokenization.

The tokenization of real estate assets is bringing about unprecedented liquidity in an asset class that has until now been one of the most illiquid asset classes across the globe. With blockchain technology, real estate development and ownership can now be easily crowdfunded, is as liquid as any other equity, ownership and operations data has become completely transparent, fractionalized ownership (tokenization) is open to a global capital pool of investment and the world of real estate is being forever democratized.


All of that said, please join us to learn more from a variety of real estate and blockchain entrepreneurs, experts and enthusiasts about how blockchain is being implemented across all segments of the real estate industry, and how you can be a part of the cutting-edge technological and economic changes happening now in our industry and beyond!

Thank you for your interest in this fascinating world of real estate blockchain!


A bit about our organizer, Blockchain G:

My professional passion is to deploy my continuously evolving expertise in distributed ledger technology to its highest and best use through my career experience in real estate development, brokerage, operations, marketing and management in order to contribute to the adoption and scaling of Proptech and Fintech DLT solutions that advance greater efficiency, transparency, liquidity, and decentralized value transfer.

Some of my credentials in the field include:

· Certified Blockchain Expert™ (CBE)

· Certified Smart Contract Developer™ (CSCD)

· Certified Blockchain Technology Professional - UC Berkeley

· Certified Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Professional - UC Berkeley

· Crypto Certified Agent™ (Real Estate Broker) - Propy, Inc.

· IBM Blockchain Essentials Credential - IBM

· Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute Professional Certification

· Forbes Contributor / Member of Expert Council - Forbes Real Estate Council

· US Regional Chair - Foundation for International Blockchain Real Estate Expertise


Thank you for your interest in joining this community! There are countless ways we can bring about significant professional value together by actively sharing our community with your friends and colleagues, by suggesting topical areas of interest for future gatherings, by connecting and sharing your thoughts, experience and expertise with the community in the message boards and at live events, by suggesting expert speakers who wish to share their insights with us, and so many other ways of bringing about forward growth in our industry!

I look forward to meeting you all and please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Kindest regards,


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