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Sunday Morning Vipassana Meditation Practice
We invite you to join us Sunday mornings to calm your mind and open your heart through Buddhist Vipassana meditation practice. Vipassana means “clear-seeing” or “insight” and was taught by the Buddha to help cut the root of suffering and lead practitioners towards full awakening. We begin Sunday mornings with a short walking meditation followed by a reading from one of our Dharma Teachers or Practice Leaders. We then sit for roughly 40 minutes in silent meditation. If this is your first time meditating, please arrive 10-15 minutes early for instruction or consider attending our weekly Sangha Orientation on Wednesday nights from 5:15 – 6:00pm.

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What we're about

A man walks. However, he does not simply walk. He takes careful consideration of the lifting, the carrying, and the setting of his feet with every step he takes.

A woman sits. She has a tranquil look on her face, but her mind races and wanders, exploring her deepest thoughts. And then, she realizes she has strayed and returns to focusing on her breath.

Mindfulness is the cornerstone of any practice to achieve spiritual health, happiness, or enlightenment. When we become mindful of our speech and actions, we become kinder. When we become mindful of the effort we put into actions, we become stronger. When we become mindful of our concentration in our meditation, we become wiser.

At Rocky Mountain Insight, mindfulness is our cornerstone. Silent meditation allows for mindfulness of our breath; talks given by our teachers allow for mindfulness to spread into our everyday lives.

We welcome you with loving-kindness, with metta, and hope you will join us in our mindful walk towards happiness and enlightenment.

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