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When I lost my mother one year ago on December 23, 2018 and then got diagnosed with chronic kidney disease a month later; I realized it was going to be very difficult for me to grieve the loss while trying to conquer a life threatening disease. I put my feelings for my mother aside, and put everything I had into turning my kidney disease around, and I have done so...however, it keeps coming back to me that the process of grieving is a very important process in life. I am only now realizing my needs as far as getting through my grieving process. First step, surrounding myself with others who are in the same circle, people who understand what I am going through and what I feel. I want to begin a support group in my local area where I can use my strength and others can use their strengths to help each-other through the grieving steps. In these groups we will focus on the grieving steps and how to implement them into our daily lives. We will work together to strengthen and support each other is coping and growing. I look forward to much growth for all who join.

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