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My name is Marie Suk and I live in Rocky Point. I am honored to have hosted over 300 Meetup.com Sacred Sound Circles and I am psychic intuitive (since birth) a Professional Holistic Life Coach, Teacher and Certified Professional Sound Healing Therapist. I have a psychic/healing practice which focuses on utilizing sound healing therapy to assist you to bring about amazing transformations in the health of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Having a deep interest in Archaeomusicology, I combine ancient elements with my modern day sound therapies; this passion allows my practice to be ever-growing.

“One of the follies of modern man is that he is more eye driven and has lost touch with what the ancients were dependent upon – the ear. Listening connects us.”

I utilize many sound tools some being: the crystal singing bowls, tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and the largest premium collection of gongs on Long Island. I am happy to answer any questions and explain what you are experiencing after each session.

Come and experience the amazing healing sounds and vibrations whether Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, or another amazing sound healing tool, each circle is a unique as the participants as we are guided to unite with our highest truth, light, wisdom, love and healing. Tea is always available afterwards for all to stay and chat.

Each one of us loves to be RELAXED & to be at PEACE. Sound Therapy brings peace & relaxation in such an effortless manner for the client.

Stress is the beginning of all dis-ease.

RELAXATION & PEACE is so important for us. This deep relaxation allows for a pause in our lives that grounds us in the moment, provides stress relief, and assists us in bringing our bodies back into balance.

I am limited in space to only 10-12 attendees, depending on the circle, in total.

I do not post my address here on meetup. After you RSVP for your first event please email me (marie@iamhealingthrufeeling.com) and I will send you my directions.

Please visit: http://www.iamhealingthrufeeling.com for more info. about the bowls and my other services. Join my emailing list for monthly and special events http://eepurl.com/dV0oT

Email me directly marie@iamhealingthrufeeling.com for address and directions. Namaste'

Group participation is required to stay an active member.

No shows without follow up and more than 2 very late cancellations will result in removal from the group. This group is about love, light and positivity. I reserve the right to remove any member of the group without notice.

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Sacred Summer Solstice Party at 6pm and Special Sound Circle 730pm

First-Timers Email me Directly For Parking Address and Directions

$40 (min 5 attendees/max 11 attendees)Weather Permitting-Outside Party at 6pm around the Fire Pit. If guided, bring a small snack to share and lawn chair for outside party. Meditation begins indoors at 7:30-9pm. If you can only make the Meditation, no problem! This Special Summer Solstice sound event will be focusing on our own inner sun, the third energy center known as the solar plexus chakra while honoring the main theme of many ancient spiritual summer solstice celebrations: Abundance. When there is harmony in the solar plexus chakra, a healthy flow of energy supports our self-esteem and inner strength. We can accept ourselves completely, nurturing our self-empowerment by tuning in to our own true essence and following our intuition. We know who we really are and are not so easily influenced by others. A balanced solar plexus chakra supports us in feeling at peace with ourselves, life in general, our place in life and allows us to set and maintain healthy boundaries within relationships and the world around us. Sacred scents, Sky Palo Santo (possibly a whole log on the open fire), Chant/Toning with the Shruti Box, 14 Gongs and other sacred sounds will be used during this very special meditation circle. Fire is the solar plexus’ element and a special fire in honor of the solstice energy will be kept burning outside during the gathering - weather permitting Please bring along what abundance(s) you would like to increase in your life written on a piece of paper to be burned in our special fire. We will be burning these intentions to release them out into the universe. It is not necessary, but if you would like to increase the power of the circle you may want to wear the color yellow. Water is offered and attendees are strongly encouraged to drink water for at least 48 hours following the circle to aid in the flushing of any toxins that may have been released. There is no judgment in the circle and everyone has a chance to ask questions and share their experiences with the group. *Note: Everyone's experience will be different, what is needed by one at the present time, will not be needed by another, but something will shift, whether on a spiritual, emotional, mental, and/or physical plane. Some may experience tingling or slight discomfort in the body as energy is being shifted, blocks are cleared and cells are stimulated, others may see a kaleidoscope of colors, or have a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation. Whatever happens, the intention is always set for your highest truth, light, wisdom, love and healing.* I suggest bringing a yoga mat and water, you can also bring a pillow and blanket for comfort. The winter months are chilly. I also have chairs if needed. If you do not have a yoga mat or pillow/blanket you can borrow them here – supplies are limited. ****As a courtesy to all attendees, please arrive 10-20 minutes early. First timers please plan to arrive about 15-25 minutes early so we have some time to make you comfortable. The doors close promptly and meditation begins almost immediately. As it is disruptive, we cannot accommodate late arrivals.**** FIRST TIMERS: Please email me to receive parking details and directions to my location in Rocky Point NY from your email (not through meetup) so that I have your contact info in case of emergencies or last minute changes. Email:[masked] If you sign up to bring a guest please make sure to share the following information to help provide a pleasant experience: Sacred and Fragile: All items related to sound healing: crystals, instruments and other tools are sacred and fragile. Please refrain from touching any items without permission and as a gesture of honor, never enter the sacred circle area where I play. Remove Shoes, Watches and Bracelets: We do observe the Asian tradition of removing shoes after entering and staying on the carpeted areas while in your shoes and behind the BLUE tape line on the floor, this also helps to keep the sand away from delicate instruments. If you are uncomfortable in bare feet, please bring a pair of socks with you. If you are wearing a watch, you may want to remove it and any bracelets to enhance your experience. These items can block the energy flow and become distracting. Late Cancellations/No-Show Policy: I certainly understand that on occasion, unforeseen circumstances and emergencies cannot be avoided. However, No-Shows (including guests) and 2 very Late Cancellations result in being unable to attend future circles. If you sign up for the waitlist and cannot attend, please remember to remove yourself from the waitlist in order to prevent a No-Show. This group is about love, light and positivity. I reserve the right to remove any member of the group without notice. Email Address and Contact Number: On occasion, there have been last minute changes and cancellations due to weather and other unforeseen events. Please make sure I have a current email address and phone number to call, email or text you in the event of last minute changes or cancellation. Book A Private Event: All meditation circles are available to be booked as private events. Private circles are booked any day 1030am - 7:30pm. Cancellations are requested 48 hours prior to event date. Email me directly at [masked] for more detailed info.

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Divine Rebel: Breaking Free! Sacred Gongs' Sound Circle

First Timers Please Email Me: marie@iamhealingthrufeeling.com

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