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RMA @ Serendipity Labs - DTC

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⏰Agenda ⏰:
5:00 - Doors
5:30 - Food and Networking 🍕🍺
6:00 - 📣 Announcements 📣
6:10 - ⚡️Brief Intro to Web Components⚡️
6:40 - 🔥You Don't Know Typescript 🔥
7:30 - 🎁Wrap-up 🎁

Lightning Talk:

Brief Intro to Web Components by Arjun Yelamanchili

We will be exploring the new component model for the web.



You Don’t Know TypeScript by John Nyquist and Dave Call

(But maybe we can help)

As developers, often we are thrown into new languages for a new project and have to hit the ground running. The result is you use the skills you know and work in the new language like you did in the old language… Not taking the time to slow down and smell the roses. Language designers (usually) put a great deal of thought into what they include in a new language (justifying its existence). Dave and John hope you find a few roses in their presentation.



Arjun Yelamanchili is a software engineer at Charter, interested in bleeding edge technology. He is currently learning to fly the F/A-18c Hornet.

John Nyquist is a developer, trainer, and author. He has worked in popular languages like Java, C#, C++, C, JavaScript, Swift, and Python as well as lesser known ones like Prograph, ActionScript, AppleScript and Lingo. John first took a look at TypeScript in 2014 and jumped head first into it in late 2017 as part of the development of a large enterprise application for Kaiser Permanente.

Dave Call joined the community of Angular developers in 2017. Since that time, his passion for UX and design has taken firm root, as well as his passion for good, clean code. While there is still plenty to learn, Dave enjoys digging deep and sharing the gems that he finds along the way with others. His background includes hardware-level embedded systems design, as well as software languages such as ActionScript/Flex, Java, and Perl.