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RMA @ BrieBug - Lakewood

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Jessica A. and Chynna C.
RMA @ BrieBug - Lakewood


⏰Agenda ⏰:
5:00 - Doors
5:30 - Food and Networking 🍕🍺
6:00 - 📣 Announcements 📣
6:10 - 🔥Schematics: An Untapped Frontier 🔥
6:40 - 🔥Astronomical NGRX Anti-patterns for Job Security 🔥
7:30 - 🎁Wrap-up 🎁

Presentation #1:

Schematics: An Untapped Frontier by Brian Love and Kevin Schuchard

Schematics can accomplish nearly any task and published by anyone. Whether you want to generate hundreds of dynamic files or update source code, Kevin and Brian will demonstrate how accessible custom schematics are for you or your organization. If you find yourself repeating the same logic, enforcing similar patterns, or performing setup logic, again and again, you’ll take away the tools and understanding necessary to start your schematic learning journey.


Presentation #2:

Astronomical NGRX Anti-patterns for Job Security by Reid Villeneuve

How would you like to hear about some well-guarded trade secrets designed to ensure that you will never be fired in a million years? Anti-patterns are the way to go! With you being the only one able to read your code, you will have 'em backed into a corner. Make sure your boss isn't looking before sneaking your way over to my presentation, and then prepare for career immortality!



Brian Love is a software engineer and Google Developer Expert in Angular with a passion for learning, writing, speaking, teaching and mentoring. Brian has been building web applications for over 20 years and has long been a fanboy of JavaScript. When not in front of his Macbook Pro, Brian is in the Rocky Mountains skiing or hiking.

Kevin Schuchard is a software engineer and avid cyclist from Broomfield, CO. He enjoys anything with two wheels, running, and swimming and is passionate about teaching, working with open-source software, and designing software solutions. Most of all he enjoys spending time with his wife and son.

Reid Villeneuve is a high-energy developer who started his programming experience modifying video games at a young age. Always pursuing new avenues of curiosity, he enjoys teaching people very much and loves to hear when his teachings help people achieve new heights in their own careers. Outside of the programming field, he finds fun in riding his bicycle, engaging in role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, and, of course, playing video games.

12596 W Bayaud Ave, Suite 201 · Lakewood, CO
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