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🚀NG-Conf in an Hour

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Chynna C. and Jesse S.
🚀NG-Conf in an Hour


5:00 - Doors
5:30 - 🍕🍺 Food and Networking
6:00 - 📣 Announcements
6:10 -⚡️Getting Started with Jest -- by Justin Rowsell
6:25 -🚀ng-conf Recap and Discussion
8:00 - 🎁Wrap-up 🎁

We are still glowing from all the ng-Conf excitement, and we want to share it all with you people! Did you go to ng-Conf as well? Come contribute to the conversations! We will talk about trends, techniques, and tips that we saw and learned during our week in SLC.

Lightning Talk by Justin Rowsell:

Getting Started with Jest

Join Justin and learn how to write unit tests with Jest and Angular. You'll learn the basics of Jest with examples, as well as why you should bother learning it. Then, we'll wrap up with seeing how to switch to Jest as the unit testing framework in your Angular applications.

Justin is a full stack software engineer. He graduated from CU Boulder in 2016 and now works for a GIS consulting company. His job doesn't always allow for working with Angular, but it's his front end of choice when coding on his own time. He enjoys being outdoors whether it's hiking or hunting and fishing.
We have some swag to give away, and some other random items we collected while at the conference.

As usual, there will be networking before and after the presentation -- food and beverage will be provided by BrieBug!

See you there!
12596 W Bayaud Ave, Suite 201 · Lakewood, CO
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