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Join me and my spirit guide, Roger as we take you on the journey to self discovery and healing. We will aim to increase your intuitive powers, raise your vibration, and keep you on your path to fulfill your life purpose! ******************************************
Series #1: Guided meditation: Stepping Into Your Power

1. Healing from past hurts and reclaiming your power

2. Trusting yourself

3. Opening up to your intuition

4. Connecting to your spirit guides/angles

5. Awakening to your power

This is a 5 week series where each meditation will cover the ovearching theme mentioned above and will be supplemented from intuitive messages from my spirit guides, Roger and Azara, specific to the beautiful people that attend that days meditation. It's time to take back the reigns and create the life you were meant to live. Tap into your intuition, strengthen your relationship with your spirit guides and learn how to hear to their messages. This series will show you that you have everything you need already to live out your highest good and fulfill your life purpose. Make your spirituality and mental health a priority and let's grow as a community and really raise the vibration of this beautiful city.

Each meditation will last approximately an hour and will be held most likely in either Noda or Plaza Midwood, exact location is TBD. Sessions will be held on Sundays.

Breathe in positivity and love. Breathe out fear.

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