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This is a bimonthly Zoom meeting group to explore and study the life and work of Roger Williams. We meet the second Thursdays and fourth Thursdays of the month. Today, few people know anything Roger Williams. The Roger Williams Educational Foundation is new educational organization. We hope to be incorporates soon. We need to understand and appreciate the incredible life and work of RW. He was a theologian, a politician, and trading post operator. The more know we about RW, the better we would all feel about the creation of our "Lively Experiment", Rhode Island. Here are the links to what I have written about RW: Introduction to the Roger Williams Educational Foundation http://www.marcwkohler.com/?page_id=1332 Why we need to learn about Roger Williams http://www.marcwkohler.com/?page_id=1978 Reflections Essay written for RI Foundation Carter Roger Williams Initiative http://www.marcwkohler.com/reflections-essay-written-for-ri-foundation-carter - roger-williams-initiative/ Roger Williams Home Curriculum http://www.marcwkohler.com/?page_id=2019 Roger Williams Biography http://www.marcwkohler.com/?page_id=1281 Cranston Herald/Warwick Beacon Article http://www.marcwkohler.com/?page_id=1572 Roger Williams-Oliver Cromwell essay: Roger Williams Reconsidered http://www.marcwkohler.com/roger-williams-draft-essay/ Letter to the Editor, Providence Journal: Marc Kohler: Schools should teach about legacy of Roger Williams http://www.marcwkohler.com/projo-schools-should-teach-about-roger-willliams/ Letter to the Editor, The Warwick Beacon, A different perspective of Roger Williams http://warwickonline.com/stories/a-different-perspective-of-roger-williams,139938

Op-Ed from Pawtucket Times Burning of the Gaspee and Roger Williams: Crucial Lessons for Kids
http://www.marcwkohler.com/pawtucket-times-op-ed-gaspee-and-roger-williams-crucial-lessons-for-kids (http://www.marcwkohler.com/pawtucket-times-op-ed-gaspee-and-roger-williams-crucial-lessons-for-kids/) Blog: Roger Williams: American Hero https://rogerwilliamsamericanhero.blogspot.com/ Description of Gaspee/Roger Williams storytelling piece: http://www.marcwkohler.com/a-burning-of-the-gaspee-storytelling-presentation/

We will meet the second and fourth Thursdays of the month,

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This is a monthly meeting held on Zoom every second Thursday of the month. 8/13, 9/10, 10/8, 11/12 from 7:00-8:30. If you are an expert, an enthusiast, or just learning about Roger Williams, this is the best place you will find to talk about him an die great ideas!

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